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Today’s News - Thursday, September 8, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Tomorrow and Monday will be no-newsletter days. We're still on call for jury duty and won't know about Tuesday until the night before - you'll know which way it went if ANN isn't in your inbox.

•   Hot off the press! Images of REX's Perelman Performing Arts Center at Ground Zero are (finally) released: it's "organized like a top-heavy layer cake - meant to be a 'mystery box'" (and Barbra Streisand is the new chairwoman).

•   Ending the week on a few grumpy notes: Detroit Resists "fires back" at Venice Biennale's U.S. pavilion curators, claiming that they "rhetorically annihilate authentic community activism."

•   It looks like Finland has finally put its foot down the Guggenheim Helsinki: the "government won't foot the bill."

•   A basically forgotten square in Providence designed by Pei and dedicated in 1972, had high hopes of hailing the city's rebirth, but there was a problem: "None of it worked"; will current, smaller plans "be enough to breathe new life into Pei's design"?

•   One we couldn't resist: Residents of the tony, RSHP-designed Neo Bankside luxury flats are complaining that the new public viewing deck of the H&deM-designed Tate "is making their lives hell" (poor dears).

•   Call for entries: Lamborghini Road Monument + Warming Huts: An Art + Architecture Competition on Ice v.2017 + "The Wall of Answered Prayer" + deadline reminder: Tomorrow's Workplace Design Competition.

•   Wainwright's wonderful parsing of the inaugural London Design Biennale - "a barber sharpening his cutthroat razor with alarming enthusiasm" included (a must-read!).

•   The Seattle Design Festival 2016 "will explore how people can take an active role in transforming their city through design."

•   "Europe's Best Buildings. European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award 2015" now on view at DAM in Frankfurt.

•   In Barcelona, "The lives of the Pavilion" on the esplanade creates "a constant reference to the work by Mies and its setting."

•   In San Francisco, the diamond engagement ring "grown from" Barragán's remains rests in its setting beginning tomorrow.

•   Dunlap "offers his go-to list" of 11 books worth reading re: WTC's redevelopment.

•   Rybczynski's "Now I Sit Me Down" gets two thumbs-ups from two reviewers: "his willingness to call out design classics that prove to be uncomfortable or otherwise unsatisfactory...makes him a refreshing voice on the design writing scene."

•   Volner and Kirkham's "This is Frank Lloyd Wright" offers "a brief but colorful" illustrated history of the man.

•   Hall Kaplan hails Kovara's "Moving Sam Maloof" - a "singular book written with empathy" by an "adroit architect" who was involved in moving the craftsman's compound when threatened by a thruway.

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