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Today’s News - Tuesday, July 26, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond our control we will not be posting the newsletter tomorrow, but we'll be back Thursday, July 28.

•   Parks are in order on a hot summer day: Saffron cheers the "spiffy" makeover of Philly's Dilworth Park, but with the Democratic Convention in town, she ponders why the park "has not been able to accommodate a single legal protest in two years" (so much for free speech).

•   Litt, on the other hand, says Cleveland's "great new" Public Square helped make the Republican Convention a success, where "conventioneers and protesters generally co-existed peacefully in what amounted to a festive celebration of free speech."

•   Brake gives two thumbs-ups to the Hills on NYC's Governors Island: "It is remarkable that such a bold vision would survive and actually get built in a city where design ambitions often collide with financial realities and bottom-line thinking."

•   Studio Mumbai unveils its design for Melbourne's 2016 MPavilion, to be made of "bamboo, twigs, cow dung, and earth."

•   Ricardo wanders the new Sydney Park Water Re-use Project and finds it "an impressive fusion of design, science, art and ecology."

•   Abboud parses the "good, bad and thought-provoking" of Pokémon Go, and what lessons it can "teach those charged with shaping public space in the real world."

•   Court says construction can continue on Pier55 - "at least until September when the full case is heard before the court."

•   Hecht considers the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem as the controversial project pronounces a completion date, but the "optimistic tenor" of the announcement "belied the project's troubled gestation and lack of clarity about its function."

•   Newark, NJ, "passes nation's first 'environmental justice' ordinance" (yay!).

•   McKnight x 2: eyefuls of a low-cost housing complex in San Francisco designed by a trio of local design firms (very cool).

•   She also offers eyefuls of Gorlin's colorful affordable housing project in the Bronx for low-income tenants, including those who were once homeless (also very cool).

•   Mid-century Modern fans rejoice! "Breuer's Central Library in Atlanta to be renovated and NOT demolished."

•   Ulam finds lessons for the upcoming Habitat III in Burdett's "Conflicts of an Urban Age" at the Venice Biennale that "provides evidence of laissez-faire planning run amok," and how "many of the most effective urban interventions will come from grass-roots efforts."

•   Casale has a great Q&A with Aravena re: "natural disasters, reconstruction, and the scarcity of meaning in architecture today."

•   Salingaros takes architectural education to task, asking: "Are students encouraged to exercise their own free will in judging what is good architecture, or pressured to blindly trust received authority?"

•   Eyefuls of the AIA 2016 National Healthcare Design Awards winners.

•   Call for entries: Applications for 2017 Graham Foundation Grants to Individuals + A|N's 2016 Best of Design Awards.

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