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Today’s News - Thursday, July 7, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Tomorrow and Monday will be no-newsletter days. We'll be back Tuesday, July 12.

•   ANN feature: Bjone parses three new tomes involving Philip Johnson: one is a "quote fest," another rather academic, and the third a "wild card."

•   Giovannini weighs in on TWBTA designing the Obama library: "They're very deliberate - it will be a portrait building" of the presidency. "Very deliberate, calm, collected, nothing rash, a tad conservative, very intelligent, with a certain amount of grace as well."

•   Sorkin pens a plea to George Lucas urging him to keep his museum in Chicago, and suggests where best to put it and how best to get it done.

•   Brooklyn's next towering achievement: a 73-story "brooding, elegant, and badass" supertall by SHoP clad in bronze, stainless steel, and stone.

•   Q&A with Kuma re: his design for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics stadium, and why winning the job was "like catching a hot potato."

•   Architecture and the human brain x 2: Lamb Hart "reflects on the human brain's tendency to perceive buildings and people in similar terms."

•   Brain scientist Medina reflects on his collaboration with NBBJ "to uncover our perceptions of designed space."

•   Eyefuls of the winners of the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2016.

•   Eyefuls of eye candy that are the winners of the Radical Innovation Award for way-out-there hospitality concepts.

•   Call for entries: 2016 Residential Architect Design Awards + Melbourne Tattoo Academy.

•   One we couldn't resist: In honor of "Independence Day 2," a most amusing review of films to determine "who hates architecture more: aliens, asteroids, or ghosts?" ("It's got to be asteroids. Asteroids are such jerks.")

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Saffron sizes up "Architecture's Odd Couple": the "pairing of frenemies - two of architecture's most outsize personalities" dwells too much on Johnson and Wright's "personal idiosyncrasies," which "distracts us from Howard's central claim."

•   Green has a field day at NBM's "Icebergs": "Corner is passionate about climate change, but he is also passionate about fun" (great photos and "floaty pens" included).

•   MoMA/MMCA brings the "Young Architects Program" to Seoul with Shinslab Architecture's "Temple'L," a "portmanteau of temporary and temple."

•   The Israel Museum in Jerusalem opens "Social Construction: Modern Architecture in British Mandate Palestine," which "examines the significant impact of early 20th-century European modernism on the architectural language of Palestine."

•   Vo Trong Nghia's "Green Ladder" bamboo pavilion, the last in the SCAF's Fugitive Structures series, lands in Sydney.

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