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Today’s News - Wednesday, June 22, 2016

•   Kamin pays tribute to Gertrude Kerbis, a "groundbreaking architect" who led "a trailblazing career in a male-dominated profession."

•   Himelfarb finds no wrong turns in the Tate Modern's Switch House (she really, really likes it).

•   Green, on the other hand, finds the Switch House to be "a beautiful building," but "the footsore visitor might wonder, can there be too much of a good thing?"

•   Meanwhile (and four years in the making), Barcelona has big plans for a Hermitage museum outpost on the city's waterfront.

•   Peer comments on Mecca going "mega" as "a dazzling, high-tech 21st-century pilgrimage" - with Locatelli's fabulous photos the "captured how radically the city has changed."

•   Dickinson recalls his student days at Cornell, and ponders: "When do polemic and pedagogy combine to create orthodoxy? I sense aesthetic diversity is leaving or has left the halls of architectural education."

•   A new Mutual Recognition Arrangement between the architectural licensing authorities in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand will enable architects to earn reciprocal licenses abroad.

•   Ritter wonders how serious London's competition to illuminate 17 Thames bridges can be if there are no lighting experts on the jury, though it is an opportunity for professional lighting designers "to call attention to the difference they make."

•   Hawthorne's "Third L.A." is "a glimpse of Los Angeles as a model of urban reinvention for the nation and the world."

•   Dunlap cheers TEN Arquitectos' new 53rd Street Library, "a New York library like no other" that "offers one surprise after the next" (and you can bring lunch!).

•   Syracuse University taps SHoP to design its National Veterans Resource Complex that will offer "vocational and educational programs designed to advance the economic success of veterans and military families."

•   A great (and candid) Q&A with Foster re: his droneport, the inaugural project of the Norman Foster Foundation: "If you have a burning interest in the translation of an idea into reality, then there is nothing like a deadline."

•   Green and Wooten parse the Landscape Architecture Foundation's recent summit in Philadelphia, where a who's who in the profession reflect on the last 50 years and visions for the next 50.

•   Help wanted: Opening for Chief Architect in Qatar ("Gender: Male").

•   One we couldn't resist: Hadid and Makiya are honored on new Iraqi postage stamps.

•   Winners all (and some great presentations): 2016 Modernism in America Awards + 2016 AZ Awards + Ugandan LGBT Youth Asylum Competition + What Design Can Do Refugee Challenge shortlist ("few pretty products, plenty of smart services").

•   Call for entries: 14+ Foundation Chipakata Design Commission to design furniture for the Chipakata Children's Academy in Zambia (no entry fee).

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