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Today’s News - Wednesday, April 13, 2016

•   Moore considers whether Aravena's Pritzker win, Venice Biennale, and "holistic method" [never mind his "bizarre hairstyle (think desert roadkill)"] could be "a model for our cities. Not everyone engaged in providing shelter for the most needy is impressed."

•   Volner considers the Pritzker choosing "civics over style" (and being "somewhat late to the party"): Once a maker of celebrity architects, the Pritzker now appears to be more interested in the making of good buildings."

•   Apparently, "buyers are snapping up the last remaining projects" by Hadid - at her One Thousand Museum in Miami, they "may find themselves holding onto unexpectedly valuable assets."

•   As if to prove the point, investors are advised to not fear "alternative architecture" - it is "innovative and exciting - and it should be for investors as well" (it's good for "global progress" and the economy, too).

•   Pogrebin parses the responses from some 200 women architects re: "their experiences working in the profession" ["The design profession won't be integrated until the construction industry is, too. (Good luck with that!)"].

•   Bozikovic cheers Gang's "aim to repair relations between police and residents - for a generation, architects have eschewed such social ambition and the responsibility that comes with it."

•   Pedersen has a great Q&A with Berke re: succeeding Stern at Yale, the challenge of diversity, and the culture shifts being driven by students.

•   With the release of her "Where Are the Women Architects?," Places re-posts Stratigakos's 2013 "Unforgetting Women Architects: From the Pritzker to Wikipedia."

•   Hagberg Fisher offers a (most welcome) respite from such heavy subjects with a laugh-out-loud take on "life inside the head and heart of an (unpaid) architectural intern" on her first day (panda pants included).

•   Karachi's architects are "disgruntled" with the state of architecture today: it's "just glamorous experiments. There is no serious architectural experiment in Pakistan presently. It is just gimmickry."

•   Ban is tapped to design a luxury residential tower in downtown Vancouver that "will resonate with the growing global green architecture movement" (no images yet).

•   Westbrook is (mostly) wow'd by Perth's new Elizabeth Quay that "combines post-punk populism with old-fashioned civic amenity - the grey hands of the bureaucrats have been unable to prevent the designers from extracting frequent moments of delight."

•   Hawthorne hails the made-over Met Breuer: "File this one under the wisdom of letting an old dog do old tricks. Beyer Blinder Belle has been painstaking in its restraint."

•   Unless preservationists come up with some new tricks for an old dog, Sydney's Brutalist Sirius housing complex will face the wrecking ball.

•   Wainwright minces no words about the €1bn "custard-colored flop" - the revamp of Les Halles in Paris: Berger's gigantic umbrella "feels insipid, institutional and overwrought - sagging under the weight of expectation."

•   Eyefuls of the 2016 Canadian National Urban Design Awards + the 2016 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards (both great presentations).

•   Call for entries: Memorials for the Future: A competition to imagine flexible and interactive memorials for the 21st century.

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