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Today’s News - Wednesday, March 9, 2016

•   ArcSpace brings us the fascinating tale of Lisbon's Teatro Thalia, which, after sitting as a veritable ruin for over 150 years, has been brought back to life by architects using "a toolkit equal parts archaeologist and plastic surgeon."

•   Jacobs' take on Calatrava's "magnificent invention" - his WTC transit hub: "I have never seen anything quite like it. The audacity of the thing," but could that $4 billion have been better spent elsewhere (with an excellent parsing of Penn Station plans).

•   Quirk sees the Met Breuer as "less harsh, more handsome," and "finally being embraced - both by the city and its latest inhabitants."

•   Kennedy cheers H&deM/PBDW bringing back Tiffany's Park Avenue Armory Veterans Room's "beyond-words fantasia - in all its historical swagger" (fab photos).

•   Bevan has high hopes for London's Olympicopolis, "an ugly name for a beautiful idea - as long as the architects' vision is not compromised" + Eyefuls of the Olympicopolis.

•   Australian architects launch the Architects Outback program to make their services "more accessible and economical" to communities that don't have local firms at hand.

•   Gould takes issue with "headlines covering Rural Studio's 20K Project," and "why clickbait is bad for affordable housing."

•   Results of the AIA Diversity in the Profession of Architecture survey are not all that surprising: "Inequality still a serious issue."

•   Hagberg Fisher gives us a most-needed dose of good humor with a letter to parents of architecture students, along with the "Phases of Architectural Education. Architecture school is a peculiar beast" (your must-read of the day even if you aren't a parent!).

•   Porter makes a powerful case that "power plants needn't be ugly - as society quickly transitions to better sources of energy, designers are embracing the opportunity to reflect and celebrate the change."

•   Manaugh delves into the future of glues holding buildings together: it "may sound precarious, but they are lighter, stronger, and cheaper. Of course, there are down sides."

•   Haas offers a poetic profile of Scarpa: "His architecture was an antidote to the era's brazen showiness - the compact but powerful body of work he left behind remains as striking in its subversive simplicity as when he first made it."

•   Nelson outlines Urban Consulate, a new initiative for cities to learn from one another - launching this spring in Detroit, Philadelphia, and New Orleans.

•   Grimshaw/Now Architects and team win Korea's "unplugged horse utopia" park competition (a.k.a. Lets Run Park Yeongcheon).

•   Williams and Hernandez win the PXSTL Design-Build Competition to create a temporary venue for downtown St. Louis.

•   SMU's Meadows Prize goes to Kroeber's conference and show "New Cities, Future Ruins."

•   Balmond takes home the UVA's Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Architecture.

•   Call for entries: two competitions to design two University College London campuses as part of the Olympicopolis education and cultural district + 4th Annual CODAawards to recognize the most successful integration of art into interior, architectural, and public spaces.

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