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Today’s News - Tuesday, February 23, 2016

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of Aravena's Quinta Monroy "half-a-house" project in Chile.

•   Keegan cheers Chicago finally naming Bertrand Goldberg's Marina City an official landmark; sayeth Goldberg's son (also an architect): "It says something about Chicago that it has been landmarked, but it also says something that it took so long."

•   China issues its official guidelines that will forbid "bizarre" and "odd-shaped" buildings - new buildings are to be "economic, green and beautiful" (and lotsa prefab).

•   Is Dubai's plan to build Earth's first climate-controlled city (a.k.a. the 48 million-square-foot "Mall of the World") a dream of a project, or a "dystopia waiting to happen"? "Only time will tell if Dubai's dome is doomed."

•   King cheers the return to Arquitectonica's original design for Trinity Place in San Francisco: "the undone bait-and-switch shows the value of a planning system often faulted for being too fussy," but with "ominous" hints (he'll withhold final judgment until he sees "if reality matches the renderings").

•   Bozikovic practically bubbles over BIG's "pixellated" ziggurat for Toronto: "if it is built in anything like its proposed form, it will be a landmark that enriches the city's public realm."

•   Stanley reports on a report about Australian infrastructure: it "criticizes the state's failure to adequately integrate the planning of land use development and transport priorities, but does not consider the central governance question: 'who speaks for our cities?'"

•   Brady brings us a great round-up of urban infrastructure projects re-appropriated for public use "on a scale never before seen."

•   Van Alen Sessions launches with three short-documentaries highlighting current debates about urban infrastructure.

•   Shirk ponders the fate of "a family of Victorian ghosts" that make up Brooklyn's Admiral's Row, soon to be demolished to make way for a grocery store, but "this is not a story of simply tearing down paradise to put up a parking lot."

•   Betsky "pays tribute to a young architect and bemoans the state of a profession still lacking in LGBTQ diversity."

•   Culvahouse and Hamilton each share personal memories in their odes to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and it receiving the AIA 2016 Twenty-Five Year Award.

•   What the instigators of Storefront's Taking Buildings Down competition hope to accomplish: it "could enable architects to develop a new set of skills to shape the city environment."

•   One we couldn't resist: Lange can't get enough of new archemojis: won't it be nice to express "our own mini-scandals (Frank Gehry's middle finger), our own in-jokes (that f*ing Noguchi coffee table)."

•   Call for entries: What Design Can Do Refugee Challenge + The Brickworks Living Building Challenge to design the world's most sustainable retail center.

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