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Today’s News - Wednesday, February 17, 2016

•   Hawthorne sees DS+R's Berkeley Art Museum as "a study in extremes" that "tries to make bedfellows of austerity and daring. There is the strong sense that the architects are keeping one eye on their reputation for unorthodox thinking and the other on the bottom line."

•   Kamin explains the bind Chicago finds itself in re: a site for the Lucas Museum: the mayor "should reconsider the dozens of sites that wound up in the reject pile - as well as the criteria that landed them there" (or risk George taking his museum elsewhere).

•   Raskin revels in Beyer Blinder Belle's restoration of the Met Breuer: "A challenge for any architect dealing with a masterpiece is knowing what not to do as much as what to do," sayeth Beyer.

•   Fisher digs into the weeds re: how to bring wildlife back to urban environments: "we now know that it helps settle the brains of those otherwise enmeshed in asphalt, glass and concrete. There are some encouraging signs that developers 'get it.'"

•   Loth cheers Boston's new artist-in-residence program that "will embed local artists inside city departments to promote creative thinking about municipal government - a low-risk experiment in renewing the banal but crucial business of delivering city services."

•   For anyone looking for data to prove that the arts and culture contribute to the economy, there is now some seriously in-depth analysis (thanks to the federal government).

•   Sisson offers eyefuls of some amazing modern Iranian architecture which, hopefully (like Cuba), will soon be easier to explore.

•   Gunts reports on the continuing saga of Williams and Tsien's concrete beach pavilion in New Jersey that is "the third endangered building in three years" for TWBTA.

•   An interesting look at how marijuana dispensaries "no longer look like your grandmother's head shop" - they "seem to resemble either a dentist's office or a swanky tobacconist."

•   Keegan reports that Maddox, the design maven who coined the term "branded environments," is retiring from Perkins+Will: "I don't know what's next, but there is next."

•   Cheers to the five winners of the 63rd Annual Progressive Architecture Awards (great presentations!).

•   Call for entries: UIA-HYP Cup 2016 International Student Competition (cash prizes, no fee!).

•   Three(!) we couldn't resist (time to buy a lottery ticket!): Michelangelo's Tuscan villa could be ours for $8.4 million (sigh) + For a mere $3 million, FLW's George Sturges residence in Los Angeles is up for grabs (Lautner touches an added bonus).

•   For Corbu-haters everywhere: a new online game lets you deface Villa Savoye (cats and sound effects included).

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