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Today’s News - Monday, November 23, 2015

•   Pogrebin reports that REX and Davis Brody Bond are the new team now tapped to design the long-awaited (and long-beleaguered) performing arts center at Ground Zero.

•   Good news for AIANY/Center for Architecture: Ben Prosky to take the helm as executive director (yay!).

•   Betsky, Burdett, Aravena, and Florida weigh in on Paris, Beirut, and even suburban malls of Colorado: "Terror appears where urbanity doesn't work"; "Cities are the solution, not the problem"; "the battle for a better built environment is neither a tantrum nor a romantic crusade"; and "Stronger cities could help fix fragile nations."

•   Bozikovic cheers Edmonton, Canada's "unorthodox architect" who is "sending a message: Civic architecture matters - and it is ready to pay for the best."

•   Hume x 2: the "wildly ambitious, innovative, even revolutionary" Under Gardiner "shows Toronto at its most enlightened" + His pick of 10 encouraging signs for Toronto: "There's no end to the bad news, but lately there are also reasons for hope."

•   Litt cheers Cleveland's framework plan for Canal Basin Park, "a 20-acre collection of landscapes and amenities" (now all the city needs is the political will - and money).

•   Furman makes the case for why Po-Mo matters and should be preserved: it's "a race against time to save our exceptional post-modern heritage."

•   Olcayto says that despite Scotland's "magnificent" cities' propensity for "self-harm," they still manage to shine.

•   Bernstein has issues with plans for a new tower at the U.S. Air Force Academy that "threatens the integrity of Walter Netsch's landmark campus," and "seems more about impressing donors and tourists than about addressing real problems."

•   Heathcote offers high praise for the new National Gallery of Singapore that combines the city state's "dour, grey" Courthouse and City Hall, resulting in "something special - the rehabilitation of buildings of political control and their seamless absorption into the sphere of culture."

•   Kamin and Channick offer a sneak-peek at Apple's new store hoping to rise on the Chicago River: it "won't be a 2.0 version" of Manhattan's glass cube - it's "more like a high-tech version of Frank Lloyd Wright's quintessentially Midwestern Prairie Style homes, with river views to boot."

•   Moore has an interesting conversation with Foster: "'I have no power as an architect.' Advocacy, he says, is the only power an architect ever has."

•   Australian architects are being "encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Free Trade Agreements with Korea, Japan and China."

•   Hawthorne gets to tool around town with "Hopscotch," a "wildly inventive, logistically miraculous mobile opera - McLuhan on wheels."

•   One we couldn't resist: a Chicago illustrator "reinterprets everyday objects that have become symbolic and, rendered as speculative buildings, could be iconic. Please don't sue her."

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