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Today’s News - Monday, October 19, 2015

•   ArcSpace brings us Kiser's take on SANAA's Grace Farms, and a big-picture take on Calatrava + ArcSpace is looking for student writers.

•   Loos's take on The River at Grace Farms: it "will never be mistaken for a modest Amish barn-raising" - it "takes the concept of 'multifunctional' to a new extreme."

•   Merrick visits The Broad, DS+R's "anti-icon in Los Angeles - a perfectly finished enigma. Only in LA can all that is air melt into a compelling architectural solid that presents itself, rather wonderfully, as both real and unreal."

•   Zeiger sees the architectural parti for DS+R's McMurtry Building at Stanford University as "a wrestling hold out of Greek sculpture - a match of two equals," which "intertwines art and art history."

•   Heathcote x 2: he bemoans the London Metropolitan University falling "prey to capital's craze for luxury flats" by selling off its "'Aldgate Bauhaus' - the worlds of architecture and design have reacted with disbelief."

•   His take on Koolhaas being "utterly adept at wrong-footing the world," and his mix of "preservation and provocation" in Moscow: "The Garage is an architecture of dreaming, of subtle nostalgia and about the preservation of partial memory."

•   Renzo gets his own chance to preserve and provoke in Moscow, being tapped to transform a 1907 power station into an art gallery.

•   Lubell delves into why Gang "is one of those unicorns of architecture," and is "regarded by some as the world's top female architect outside of Hadid - innovators are looking closely at how 'actionable idealists' like Gang can pave the way."

•   Saffron minces no words about what she thinks of the $14 million light masts along Philly's North Broad (by a stellar design team, no less): "Folks, those 55-foot-tall poles are supposed to be art, of the iconic variety. Talk about a branding misfire."

•   On a brighter urban note, Chikuba cheers the biodiverse Otemachi Forest in the heart of Tokyo: the "developers' vision was no hollow sound bite" - it's "a real gift of civil engineering" to the city (we want one!).

•   Alter explains why "everything I ever knew or said about green sustainable design was probably wrong. The new doctrine: high quality windows, tons of insulation, a tight seal and hey, while you're at it, Passive House certification."

•   Q&A with Berkowitz, president of 100 Resilient Cities, re: his hopes that "the organization will inspire a worldwide movement."

•   Speaking of which: Call for entries: 100 Resilient Cities Challenge (international): receive funding to hire a Chief Resilience Officer, assistance in developing a resilience strategy, etc.

•   TCLF releases its newest Pioneers Oral History series with Quennell sharing his life-work insights.

•   Eyefuls of Stevens Institute of Technology's hurricane-resistant SURE HOUSE that just won the 2015 Solar Decathlon.

•   Eyefuls of HMMD's "Casablanca Bombing Rooms" competition winners.

•   Call for entries: International Making Cities Livable issues a call for papers for its 53rd annual conference in Rome next June + IMCL design competition: Caring for Our Common Home: Sustainable, Just Cities & Settlements.

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