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Today’s News - Tuesday, October 6, 2015

EDITOR'S NOTE: Tomorrow is a no-newsletter day - we'll be back Thursday, October 8 (and a heads-up: we won't be posting Friday, either). Now, on to a particularly juicy, somewhat contentious news day!

•   We were hesitant to lead with this today, but Bayley's rather over-the-top tirade about "why architecture would be better off without" Hadid and her "lack of charm and ocean-going bitterness" is simply astounding ("indignant termagant" - a touch of misogyny thrown in for good measure?).

•   Wainwright wades into why the "flawed fairytale" and "sylvan fantasy" of Heatherwick's Garden Bridge is "beginning to unravel."

•   Hurst digs into the leaked details of the internal investigation into the Garden Bridge procurement process, and why it's being "slammed as a 'whitewash'" ("nailing jelly to a wall" included).

•   Vancouver's former senior architect/development planner weighs in on H&deM's Vancouver Art Gallery design: "The emperor has no clothes - in its present form it will be an embarrassment to Vancouver. Frankly, this design is underwhelming."

•   Capps ponders the sad state of American stadium design: "cities are going to keep financing these boondoggles no matter what," so why can't they at least be beautiful? (like H&deM's stadium in Bordeaux).

•   Turnbull wonders: "Why isn't the profession seeing refugee camps as architectural projects? Is it a problem with how the profession is trained? Or have architects voluntarily abdicated responsibility for one of their profession's foundational obligations?"

•   Olcayto calls on architects to help AJ "fill the ethics void" and "help define a set of ethics that can reasonably be applied to contemporary architectural practice."

•   Betsky takes in the "sprawling" Chicago Architecture Biennial and finds "a plethora of 1960s utopian thinking and style. We do seem to be having a particular postmodern moment here."

•   Chen, the original curator of the Beijing Design Week, weighs in on its history, intent, and current iteration: "It's a sprawling, lively mix - sometimes overwhelming, often imperfect, but faithful to the original intention."

•   "Mutual respect is a crucial factor" in how "82 mayors came to align on a common vision" for Montréal's 82 municipalities "to think and act as one."

•   Hough hails Chicago's 606 and its "rugged elegance and stripped-down, confident restraint" - it's "more like a landscape version of a neighborhood pub" (it's not the High Line - and that's a good thing).

•   Three teams of young Australian design talent are shortlisted in the competition to redesign Sydney's George Street: they "grasped the challenge of ingraining human identity within an urban landscape."

•   Eyefuls of Levete's MPavilion in Melbourne, a "forest canopy" made of materials used to build surfboards and camera tripods (and it glows in the dark!).

•   Plan to spend some time watching the AIA's Look Up Film Challenge winners (all short, and well worth watching!).

•   Two young architects offer a sneak-peek at "Within Formal Cities," an upcoming documentary that focuses on informal settlements and "design's role in addressing the global housing crisis."

•   Call for entries: eVolo 2016 Skyscraper Competition + 1st Annual BOLD Awards for Building Optimizers, Leaders, and Disruptors who are advancing green building practices + ULI Hines Student Competition.

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