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Today’s News - Monday, September 21, 2015

EDITOR'S NOTE: Tomorrow will be a no-newsletter day (we'll be ferrying over to Governors Island to get a sneak-peek at what West 8, along with Rogers Partners, Diller, Scofidio + Renfro, and Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects, is up to). We'll be back Wednesday, September 23.

•   Heathcote has a few humorous takes (amidst serious discussion) re: DS+R's Broad: "It sits on Grand Avenue looking like the discarded foam packaging of a sparkling new gift" - he also references cladding on 1960s parking garages: "This isn't necessarily a bad thing."

•   Anderton's Q&A with Diller and Scofidio re: the Broad and a whole lot more: Liz loses her "irony about L.A."

•   Weder sees lessons to be learned from museum projects "in the space-crunched Netherlands" that Canadian museums considering expansion or new buildings should take to heart.

•   It's official: Hadid has "thrown in the towel over Tokyo Olympic stadium after failing to secure a construction company," but "hopes to lend the knowledge gained during the project to whoever eventually wins the competition."

•   The Victorian Society names England and Wales' top-ten endangered buildings for 2015.

•   Bayley makes the argument that "some Victorian buildings should be left to die - many were real horrors," and who "wrote the rule that redundant old buildings must be saved at any cost," anyway?

•   Dunlap cheers the U.N.'s seven-year, $2.15 billion makeover, saying the complex "hasn't looked so good or felt so secure in generations," but is saddened that the Hammarskjold Library has been sacrificed for security.

•   Hawthorne parses L.A.'s Mobility Plan 2035, which "may be the cornerstone of a new L.A." that (hopefully) will bring "a newly nuanced view of the relationship between the car and public amenities. No longer do we have the luxury of thinking of the whole city as reachable by car at all times."

•   Waldie wades into - and weighs in on - "what nature means on the L.A. River": "contending definitions of nature, re-greening, utility, and even the river must be reconciled. The rush to develop the river is putting in doubt more idealistic visions of riverside open space."

•   Wakelin weighs in on what Vancouver-based Public is undertaking with its Prix De Rome in Architecture win: a study of comparable cities around the globe: "Vancouver lacks dynamic public spaces. Great cities in the world take bigger steps and Vancouver is a big player now. We need to step up and change business as usual."

•   Eyefuls of Corner's plans for the first 10 miles of Miami's Underline.

•   ASLA puts the spotlight on 6 Latino-American landscape architects for National Hispanic Heritage Month.

•   Adjaye's design for a museum at the Linda Pace Foundation in San Antonio is based on a building Pace "saw in a dream" - and soon to be the red-hued Ruby City.

•   Meanwhile, Pelli Clarke Pelli is tapped to design "the first new office tower on the San Antonio skyline in 25 years" (no images yet).

•   It's taken almost a decade, but Cincinnati's Music Hall finally has its ducks in row with a firm construction timetable and a final design team for a $129 million rehab.

•   The Wichita Center for the Arts is getting a new home (courtesy of the Koch family): "the vision for the new building is that it will be 'like a park with a school in it.'"

•   The Royal Academy's Hopkins dives deep into the details of "a season of events that explores what freedom might mean for architects - and architecture - now and in the future."

•   Fast Co.'s "13 inspiring winners" of the 2015 Innovation By Design Awards.

•   One we couldn't resist: Anderton's mom visits Bansky's Dismaland, "and all she got me were these lousy pictures" (they're actually pretty cool pix!).


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