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Today’s News - Tuesday, September 15, 2015

•   ANN feature: Salingaros continues his series, Architecture's New Scientific Foundations, with Adaptive vs. Random Complexity, Part 2.

•   Kamin is cautiously optimistic about revised design of the Lucas Museum: "Lucas 2.0" will be 25% smaller (a good thing), but "prepare yourself for a sales job worthy of Hollywood, and remember that what matters is the goods, not the glitter" (images not yet released).

•   Keegan considers what the Lucas Museum should be like: "we need to be vigilant about discouraging the truly dystopian - much needs to be worked out to keep this challenging work from being just weird."

•   Lamster looks at two very different office towers in Dallas: one (architect not named) checks all the right boxes, but "rather lamely" disguises "the fact that it's really just a mediocre glass tower stuck up on top of a garage"; the other (by Kuma) "promises to be one of the more sophisticated buildings" in the city.

•   With a line-up of "extraordinary" new condo towers, Vancouver "aims to take its arguably boring architecture to the next level" (origami balconies included).

•   An in-depth (and terrific!) look at "the battle over the L.A. River": it boils down to "the naturalists vs. the urbanists, the kayakers vs. the water conservationists, and the smart growthers vs. the anti-gentrifiers" - "'nobody's gonna wave a magic wand and it's gonna look like DisneyWorld.' Not even Frank Gehry."

•   Bestor's Blackbirds infill project in L.A. is a "high-density micro neighborhood" that proves "you can do a higher quality approach to density that is very design centric."

•   Hooper offers a detailed look at what went into Murphy Burnham & Buttrick's restoration of St. Patrick's Cathedral (it took 9 years, but it will be ready for the Pope!).

•   A facelift for Australia's oldest museum is "like a jewel set in sandstone."

•   Gendall offers a sneak-peek at Design Miami's 2015 Entry Pavilion designed by "the most fledgling designers possible" - GSD students, who have designed a canopy of "pink-foam architectural models."

•   Badger cheers "a rare science-based edict" from the U.S. Surgeon General - "a radical idea wrapped in a banal government document: Americans should walk more" (and "implicates America's car culture").

•   Slessor finds herself sitting next to a member of the Rubble Club, made up of architects who outlive their buildings.

•   Forget fly-throughs: Groves Natcheva Architects produce a "thriller movie" as an alternative way of presenting architecture ("an affair, revenge and attempted murder" included).

•   Adjaye takes home MIT's 2016 Eugene McDermott Award in the Arts (along with the $100,000).

•   Stern "can look back on a long record of improvements" at the Yale School of Architecture, "but many of the challenges that he has tackled over the past two decades remain" for his successor.

•   Malecha resigns as dean of NC State's College of Design - he's heading to sunnier climes and the NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego.

•   The lawsuit over Cooper Union tuition is settled: tuition fees will remain in place, but a special committee will develop a plan to return the school to a tuition-free model.

•   Call for entries (lots of 'em, and deadlines loom!): RFQ: Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark + Deadline reminder: The Architect's Newspaper 3rd annual Best Of Design Awards + PPS/ Southwest Airlines 2016 Heart of the Community Projects + As Seen On [ ]: 4th annual Urban Omnibus writing competition + Re-Form Design Competition 2015.


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