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Today’s News - Wednesday, September 2, 2015

•   The 2015 Carbuncle Cup winner comes as no surprise: Ijeh, Wainwright, and architect and urban climatologist Futcher weigh in on Viñoly's Walkie Talkie: "its crimes read like a furious police charge sheet of bad architecture" + "this thuggish comedy villain of a building beat stiff competition in a vintage year for ugly architecture" + "Behind the headlines ridiculing the building for its death ray and wind scoop effects are serious issues that should concern us all."

•   Mock parses lawsuits by Chicago and California developers who "are pushing back against affordable housing rules" that could shake things up in other major cities "trying out inclusionary zoning" (is it a case of "too much stick and not enough carrot"?).

•   Hume on why Toronto should take a pass on bidding for the 2024 Olympics: the city "isn't ready - economically or emotionally. This is Accidental City" that "still hasn't come to terms with the fact it's a big city, let alone one that should host the Games."

•   Chipperfield lands "the prize job to convert the soon-to-be empty US Embassy in London's Grosvenor Square into a hotel."

•   In Miami, an Arquitectonica-designed, "starkly imposing private museum designed around a pair of monumental artworks" by Turrell and Serra clears zoning hurdles.

•   Loos lauds the comeback of Hartford's Wadsworth Atheneum after a "relatively humble $33 million renovation - a prime example of old-fashioned New England thrift - improving what's on hand instead of following the current model of hiring a famous architect to do an expensive new building" (and no more leaks!).

•   Eyefuls of Kuma's first project on US soil: Portland's Japanese Garden.

•   Australia's WikiHouseAU, a flat-pack timber home put together "by four people with no more than a drill and a mallet - aims to be part of the 'great disruption' with its combination of open source design, human-scale buildability and multiple sustainability elements."

•   PrefabNZ sees social housing, schools, and the retirement sector as enormous opportunities for New Zealand's growing prefabricated construction sector to "change market perceptions around the design and aesthetics of prefabricated buildings."

•   Makovsky's great Q&A with Herda and Grima re: how the Chicago Architecture Biennial "will act as R&D for architecture and design": "we want to give visibility to those most engaged in taking risks...and who were doing that 20 or 30 years ago - people who were part of a distant, almost forgotten avant-garde."

•   Kamin x 2: he cheers Chicago's new Northerly Island Park and its "beguiling lakefront landscape" that justifies Daley's "midnight raid" on Meigs Field: "See ya later, airport for politicians and the privileged class. This land is now your land, Chicagoans."

•   After consulting his sources re: who was invited to vie for the Obama library, "I can now name 11 of the firms and observe that they are A) Of high caliber; B) Represent a broad geographic and aesthetic spectrum; and C) Include the established firms one would expect."

•   One we couldn't resist: FAT pens the ultimate step-by-step guide to "how to become a famous architect": "choose a name for your cutting-edge design firm. Something punchy, arty, and a little stupid should do" (avoid including "urban" or "studio").

•   Eyefuls of the 2015 CODAawards winners honoring "the integration of commissioned art with architecture, interiors, and landscapes" + Sustainable design permeates the Australian Institute of Architects 2015 International Architecture Awards + 2015 Eat Drink Design Awards shortlist from Australia and New Zealand (88 projects - a food truck included).


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