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Today’s News - Thursday, August 27, 2015

EDITOR'S NOTE: As the lazy, hazy dog days of August continue, tomorrow and Monday will be no-newsletter days. We'll be back Tuesday, September 1.

•   Kamin and Glanton get the skinny on why the Obama Foundation is launching an international search for an architect to design the presidential library, with Goldberger as competition advisor; sayeth one pundit: "It's a great publicity move."

•   Rosenbaum ponders what's behind the worldwide search for an Obama Center architect - possibly to put "Adjaye in play?"

•   Now's your chance: RFQ (international): Barack Obama Presidential Center in Chicago; deadline: September 16.

•   Much is being written about New Orleans 10 years after Katrina; among the best: Baumy offers "10 lessons that have strengthened storm and flood resilience" (there is "a silver lining").

•   Hepler reports on the report "Resilient New Orleans" that offers "lessons on resilience for cities everywhere," and pushes "resilience beyond rhetoric" by "addressing social iniquity in tandem with environmental issues and disaster preparedness."

•   New Orleans is included in "5 civil engineering failures that led to design breakthroughs and new technologies," an insightful infographic by Ohio University's Online Master of Science in Civil Engineering.

•   Hecht looks beyond the design of Libeskind's Pyramid Tower: "Will the luxury high-rise give Jerusalem's downtown a boost, or create a ghost town" of empty apartments owned by wealthy foreigners (word is that 20% will be affordable, so not totally empty?).

•   Beyer Blinder Belle, tapped to transform the old Whitney into The Met Breuer, is "working hard to preserve the building's weathered patina rather than scrubbing and polishing its history away."

•   Goodman has a grand time (and great pix) of Battery Park's new "trippy" and "surreal" SeaGlass Carousel.

•   Two we couldn't resist: Eyefuls 10 totally trippy treehouses (well, some are actually pretty practical - we'd be happy with any of them!).

•   There's a new sheriff in town who seems to have it in for Burning Man folks who now face "a local police department that is foaming at the mouth to throw them in cages" (his biggest complaint: "We don't have the personnel to issue citations to 70,000 naked people" - give me a break!).

•   Good reasons to be in San Francisco and Helsinki next week: SF's Architecture and the City 2015 festival: PLAY: Design in Action, and Helsinki Design Week 2015: "Time Machine."

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Zara gives (mostly) thumbs-up to "Shelter: Rethinking How We Live in Los Angeles" at L.A.'s A+D Museum: it's "an architectural version of a science fair" with an "experimental spirit" that "offers an alternative reality to the current starkly uninspired housing options put forth by developers."

•   Eyefuls of Banksy's Dismaland Bemusement Park that includes "imagery unsuitable for small children, and swearing" + A "brilliantly ironic commercial" for Dismaland - the "video is definitely one for all those who hate schmaltzy theme park ads" (watch it!).

•   Melbourne's Docklands is now haunted by ghosts: "Into this bleak context comes an artwork that resists the near ubiquitous 'banalization' of public space" (great pix!).

•   Silverstein cheers Braae's "Beauty Redeemed: Recycling Post-Industrial Landscapes": the "the focus becomes less entirely on form and more on process - a worthwhile read."


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