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Today’s News - Wednesday, June 17, 2015

•   Three thoughtful tributes to Charles Correa, "the knight in shining armor that Mumbai deserved, but didn't get" + "When he says a construction is ugly, he considers it as much a moral judgment as an aesthetic one" + Why Correa mattered (all well worth reading).

•   Takao talks to Tadao re: how he is tackling one of his biggest challenges - cancer, "but he's not letting this slow him down. 'People live as long as they're meant to. So, we might as well make every effort we can, until we die. Just being alive isn't sufficient. You have to enjoy it.'" (we wish him well).

•   Arch Record is sold - again.

•   Harriss calls for a "structural overhaul" of architectural education "that calls into question not what 'good' architectural education looks like but - what is it good for?"

•   More details in the ongoing saga of Gehry's Eisenhower Memorial: some politicos are calling for a "reset" and want to turn off the funding spigot; others argue it would be throwing away $40 million in taxpayer dollars already spent - meanwhile, the memorial commission is moving forward.

•   Betsky at his best re: the "appealing design" of 2WTC by "the current King of Konceptual Ikons," and the "sci-fi and urban transformation in the hyper-reality of BIG's video."

•   Merrick marvels at Grimshaw's Fulton Center that "has set a new standard in the quality of human movement" and "can fairly be described as a civil experience."

•   Taylor-Hochberg takes us on a serio-comic tour of DS+R's The Broad and its "distinctively dimpled wrapping": "Architectural criticism that begins with 'it looks like [insert Platonic object here]' is suspect at best," but the metaphor she comes up with "is too juicy to dismiss."

•   AS+GG tapped once again to design the world's next tallest tower, the Burj 2020 in Dubai.

•   Hume hails Toronto's Pan Am Games Athletes' Village, "where a new model of Canadian urbanism is emerging just in time for the 21st century. There's so much to admire here it's hard to know where to start" (it's "a message from an alternate urban universe").

•   The fascinating tale of Savannah's emerging Starland arts district, envisioned by two SCAD grads in 1998, that is "attracting art studios, offices, galleries and cafes to what once was a derelict neighborhood."

•   Lehrer, Latané, and Jacobs make the case that "drought panic and rebates incentivize too many quick and dirty solutions" for L.A.'s water crisis: tearing up turf and putting down gravel and plastic grass just won't work.

•   Heatherwick's Maggie's Centre in Yorkshire will look like a group of giant potted plants.

•   Eyefuls of the winning (and losing) designs in the competition to design Birmingham, U.K.'s new Centenary Square.

•   Keegan explains "what the Wrigley Field renovations got right - and wrong. Kudos are due VOA for several distinct improvements - but it has lost some of the subtle genius that made it a unique part of Chicago's architectural - and urban - history."

•   Chaban chats with Marvel père et fils re: their partnership that "comes at an important time for both men."


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