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Today’s News - Wednesday, June 10, 2015

EDITOR'S NOTE: A short news day - something came up and we had to dash. But lots to digest re: BIG's 2WTC (not scooped by the Times!).

•   Wired and Rice scoop the big guns with news of BIG's "Project Gotham - a.k.a. 2WTC for Murdoch's media empire: "it will take much ingenuity and elegant compromise to bring that vision of the future to fruition" (lots of pix and politics).

•   Goldberger liked Foster's design - "far and away the finest of the four towers" - but BIG's "turns out to be one of the more provocative and notable towers of the last generation. It may even be elegant. And what a radical idea: to produce an architecturally ambitious skyscraper whose shape actually expresses the needs of the building's tenant."

•   Capps says 2WTC "threatens to outshine" 1WTC, and is the latest in "a new design vocabulary for early 21st-century Manhattan - crisp yet playful, severe but not serious about it" (a trend led by Viñoly).

•   Fixsen finds out that Foster wasn't actually bumped: BIG was already on board with Murdoch looking at other sites: "We have our work cut out for us," sayeth Ingels.

•   Vertical greenery will be the defining feature of future "smart cities: "It's an energy tool, not just an aesthetic."

•   Urban sociologist Walters explains "why, without affordable housing, we won't have a society worth living in" - it's time to re-think building only "expensive privatized fortresses" that create "barren 'anti-neighbourhoods.'"

•   Bernard takes a long look at Seattle's "unique approach to homelessness" that "not only acknowledges encampments," but builds more of them, and touches on "other, novel ways to reduce homelessness" being tried in other cities.

•   de Manincor "reads" between the lines at John Wardle/NADAAA's Melbourne School of Design: "Like a much loved novel, this building will become better with age; when the pages are dog-eared and stained with red wine and coffee, it is likely to be even more intriguing."

•   Gorlin describes why - and how - Albers and Saarinen "are now in a dialogue, over space and time" at the transformed Bell Laboratories in Holmdel, New Jersey.

•   Zalcberg explains "what we're getting wrong about the modern office": "It's no longer enough to simply park workers in cubicles and show them where the bathrooms are - the office needs to be more than just another place."

•   One we couldn't resist: "Famous landmarks and tourist attractions in the wrong place."

•   Call for entries: presentations for the 8th International Urban Design Conference in Australia + 2015 Design with Light competition.


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