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Today’s News - Thursday, June 4, 2015

EDITOR'S NOTE: Tomorrow is this week's "floating" no-newsletter day - we'll be back Monday, June 8.

•   ANN feature: In the 12th installment of our Nuts + Bolts series, Maltzan debunks mentoring myths: mentoring "should be considered rewarding and an honor for everyone involved."

•   Pogrebin reports that the Frick is going back to the drawing board with its expansion plans after the "groundswell of opposition" - the Russell Page garden is safe!

•   Bernstein's open letter to Chipperfield re: his new museum in Milan that the architect has disowned because of the floors: "The floors are horrible," but it's "a fabulous museum - even bad floors can't spoil it. You should put your name back on it" (Fred's own fab photos prove it! His own preferred title: "When Bad Floors Happen to Good Buildings").

•   McDonald weighs in on the debate about ESB's plans to replace its block-long Brutalist building in Dublin: the last thing that should be apporved is "an overscaled redevelopment scheme that pays no more than lip-service to its context" (the Georgian character of the streetscape).

•   O'Toole, on the other hand, stands up for Brutalist block, calling it "a 'unique and crucial component' of modern architectural character in the Georgian core"; others "raised its contentious history."

•   Heathcote takes on suburbs, once a "place to escape from evolves into a place to be," but "is a densified suburb a suburb?"

•   Saffron looks at two of Philly's "old-school commuter suburbs" and what makes one the "buzzier place," and the other "a frustrating example of potential unrealized."

•   A great Q&A with Kommpa re: her new study on how city planners and developers can (and should) make cities friendly for families.

•   Paulas points out how using mental mapping to get "a better sense of how people visualize their neighborhoods could be the first step toward improving them."

•   Hume is none too pleased with Toronto's mayor, who "has a historic opportunity to do the right thing" when it comes to the Gardiner Expessway: "His is a fantasy that mixes equal parts of nostalgia and warmed-over emotion with a healthy dollop of fear and a pinch of deceit" (a tale of truckers vs. Torontonians).

•   Eyefuls of what SHoP and West 8 have in mind for the 10-acre Miami Innovation District (pending approval - but wow).

•   How Jaklitsch/Gardner "stumbled on a unique project through a stroke of luck": an "airy apiary" for beekeepers in Tanzania (stunning!).

•   Morpholio launches a messaging app for architects (apparently Android owners are disappointed).

•   Call for entries: the U.S. Department of State is looking for an architect to design a new U.S. Embassy compound in Brasilia + CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year competition: "Cities at Work."

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Kats takes apart "Lina Bo Bardi: Together" at Chicago's Graham Foundation that positions the architect "as a modernist wonder woman of sorts," but bemoans that "a thorough, nuanced analysis has been in large part foiled by a pernicious political correctness that fetishizes her."

•   Betsky x 2: the Art Institute of Chicago's "Chatter: Architecture Talks Back" is, at times, "a thoughtful sampling of architectural images about building. Too often, however, the work at hand here remains a collection of quotes, one-liners, and parodies."

•   He totally disses 2015 Milan Expo: it is "so horrendously bad. There is a whole lot of flailing going on" with almost every pavilion "the architecture equivalent of a high school student trying to rock out - stay away."

•   Karatzas offers his own 3-part guide to the Milan Expo - filled with his own fabulous photography (so you can make up your own mind).

•   Brantley's "Henry Howard: Louisiana's Architect" is a "lavishly illustrated" profile of one of New Orleans' most influential architects.


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