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Today’s News - Monday, May 11, 2015

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of Henning Larsen's Moesgaard Museum in Denmark that "offers a new perspective on the role of the museum as a public space" (with a roof that becomes the area's largest/best sledding hill in winter).

•   Litt is quite taken with the "gentle, graceful and subtly inviting urban presence" of Piano's new Whitney: "The aura is more mysterious and enigmatic than knock-your-socks-off spectacular. But don't be fooled by its humility."

•   Heathcote cheers Phifer's new wing for the Corning Museum of Glass that "is a pure expression" of the relationship between glass and light - "an opalescent light box and an elegant new addition to an unusual corporate campus."

•   Russell rambles around "sprawling" Atlanta: "It's a real-estate wild west," as it "tries on the idea of becoming a city," but "the divide between public disinvestment and privatized luxe" is all too apparent (including the alarming deterioration of Merrill Elam Mac Scogin's "refreshingly inventive" 1989 Buckhead library).

•   Betsky finds lessons from Baltimore in its "income inequality and spatial segregation. We all live in the democratic American grid, but we inhabit it unequally" - we need to "invest in those places that need it most. For a fraction of what we spend on policing, we could be building our way out of trouble."

•   Litman boils down his "Affordable Accessible Housing in a Dynamic City" report to "a succinct statement" of his key conclusions and recommendations.

•   Saitta reports some key take-away's from the Rocky Mountain CitySummit in Denver: "The stories that civic boosters tell are far too triumphal. These narratives very effectively 'disappear' the people and issues," and "require more self-critical analysis."

•   Lamster laments a CNU panel's presumption that that it's architects' fault that there's "so much architecture junk - architects don't have that much power" (and he cheers "a younger generation not interested in tendentious arguments about traditionalism and modernism," but are, instead, focused on the building "urban centers that progressive thinkers of all stripes can embrace."

•   Gehl Institute launches to bring "People-First Design" to more cities to "help create public spaces that draw in people and boost economic opportunity of the surrounding areas."

•   King brings us a great tour of San Francisco's parklets: "there are detractors as well as devotees. Here's something else: They're fun" (comments lean (depressingly) towards the detractor factor).

•   Bullivant cheers a rural Kenyan school designed as "a living infrastructure" that harvests rain water for pupils, teachers and the community, "but can the project be repeated in other arid regions?"

•   Ban and Voluntary Architects' Network propose a "three-part disaster relief process to provide shelter, housing, and community facilities to victims of the devastating earthquake" in Nepal.

•   On a more personal note, Ban "recalls traditional carpenters at his family's Tokyo home, his passion for recyclables," and how he "fought against being influenced by other architects" to "invent my own style."

•   Eyefuls of the ULI Hines Competition winners' visions for new uses for two New Orleans neighborhoods.

•   ArchiteXX (New York), Parlour (Australia), and n-ails (Berlin) win a Wikipedia grant for the collaborating organizations' initiative "More Female Architects on Wikipedia."

•   US Modernist Radio launches a new podcast series: "Be forewarned: this is not academic, heady, precious conversation. It is fun, irreverent..." (as one fan described it: "Imagine 'Urban Omnibus' smushed with 'Car Talk'" - how could we resist?!).

•   Eyefuls of what to watch out for at NYCxDesign 2015, kicking off this week - ICFF, Frieze New York, designjunction edit New York are among many.

•   Speaking of which, Be Original Americas will be presenting "Authentic Design Online" at WantedDesign, May 16, to explore "how the design community can assert and promote quality through intangible channels and the ever-shifting online marketplace."

•   Call for entries: 2015 CTBUH International Student Tall Building Design Competition + Liebherr's Design your Fridge! international competition.


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