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Today’s News - Monday, April 13, 2015

•   ArcSpace brings us Scholz's thoughtful Q&A with Enrique Norten re: his recent projects and his approach to architecture: "It is not a magical inspiration. It's not a doodle on a napkin. It's a lot of work."

•   Rinaldi cheers Denver's top architect's brave essay re: the city failing at design: "Architects won't lead the charge because they don't want to bite the hand that feeds them. They are a notoriously silent bunch. He's taking a business risk" in "sounding the alarm."

•   Schumacher denounces critics who denounce starchitects and starchitecture for being "superficial and ignorant" when they should be "mediators between the discourse of architecture and the interested public."

•   Dittmar cheers the Page\Park pick to rebuild Mackintosh's Glasgow School of Art: "the recreation of what was lost can be an important statement for continuity of life, of heritage and of culture."

•   Crow croons over Piano's new Whitney, "a vast space designed to wow artists as much as audiences - old-guard institutions may have to adopt a similar philosophy: Have art, bring sledgehammer" ("funky elevator interiors" included).

•   The jury has picked a winner, from an impressive shortlist of five, to design the new $450 million Sydney Modern - but we won't know who until late May.

•   Hume and Bozikovic weigh in on the winning design for Toronto's Jack Layton Ferry Terminal: it "wasn't the most exciting entry, but it was the most elegant and practical."

•   Saffron has high hopes (and some serious concerns) about Hargreaves' four proposed "diagrams" for Philly's LOVE Park: "while there are some smart ideas, we're still a long way from having a worthy design - don't be surprised if the next version is 'none of the above.'"

•   The shortlist for the St. Petersburg Pier competition is whittled down from seven to three.

•   In nearby Tampa, Kiley Garden fans push for its restoration; opposition "comes largely from those who enjoy concerts at the now treeless park. But restoration does not require replanting all the trees. We just need to bring back its integrity."

•   DiCaprio (yes, as in Leonardo) plans to build a Belize eco-resort that "will adhere to the Living Building Challenge," and use "the concept of sacred geometry in his designs - where the proportions of buildings are derived from mathematical proportions found in nature."

•   Brownlee explains why the Golden Ratio is "an urban legend, a myth, a design unicorn," and those who believe it "is the hidden math behind beauty are falling for a 150-year-old scam" (perhaps DiCaprio and his architect McLennan should read this?).

•   Schumacher offers an optimistic (with a touch of the skeptic) take on the Milwaukee Bucks arena: "Are we in for a touch of kitsch? I'm intrigued. I dare you to think about the beautifully crafted radios of the 1950s and not see a kinship."

•   Wainwright weighs in on the U.K.'s new pylons that look "a bit like a ski lift mast adorned with two dangly diamond earrings."

•   Heathcote offers a fascinating history and current status of atomic energy plants: "it seems that architecture is no longer considered important as a vehicle for reassurance - it does seem a shame that the architects' role has been reduced to choosing the paint."

•   How Macedonia's capital has become "Europe's new capital of kitsch: Skopje's new neo-classical splendor is divisive and expensive - not to mention of questionable taste," but it is "a truly surprising and impressive spectacle."

•   Cheers to the winners of the RAIC President's Award for Media in Architecture: "It is increasingly rare for any newspaper to support architectural criticism. It is extraordinary to see a newspaper support two popular journalists who engage the public about design."

•   Call for entries: STITCH II - an AIA Portland Ideas Competition to successfully inhabit the unused land under a bridge + Deadline extended for Architect magazine's 2015 R+D Awards.


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