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Today’s News - Tuesday, April 7, 2015

EDITOR'S NOTE: Tomorrow is this week's floating no-newsletter day (jurying SMPS-NY Marketing Awards!). We'll be back Thursday, April 9.

•   ANN is pleased to present the first installment of a new book-in-progress by Nikos Salingaros that aims to change the way architecture is taught, evaluated, and practiced.

•   Jacobs explains what Wim Wenders' films taught her about architecture: "It wasn't some formalist ideology that compelled me to write about the urban landscape. It was a simple idea that I picked up at the movies."

•   Hume bemoans Toronto's condo boom that is creating "the retail desertification and a homogenization of the public realm - like some tsunami of sameness."

•   Kennicott is none too happy with the postponement of the decision to landmark the Corcoran's interior: "George Washington University is extraordinarily unhappy. Cry me a river."

•   Q&A with Speck and Dixon re: how they plan to reshape and transform Tampa's downtown waterfront.

•   An interesting tale of Gehry approaching Zuckerberg to design Facebook's new HQ, and the CEO saying no, but "Gehry wouldn't take no for an answer," and the "futuristic new campus ended up finishing ahead of schedule and under-budget."

•   A detailed look at Coop Himmelb(l)au's European Central Bank in Frankfurt + great Q&A with Prix re: deconstructivism and advice for young architects: "There are too many architects. We are sardines in an ocean of sharks. Don't fragment your power on stupid competitions or stupid buildings."

•   Miranda x 2 as she tours Chile: Radic "channels nature's raw power" for a winery: "it's hard not to be completely and totally seduced." + Undurraga's "elegant and beautiful" saint's sanctuary in Santiago is "graceful, quiet, a beautiful work of architecture."

•   Brownlee cheers a "Googleplex of schools" in Minnesota that "could teach your so-called 'open office' a thing or two" (and "the word 'classroom' is verboten").

•   Snow designs a stadium for the St. Paul Saints that "is not your grandfather's ballpark": "she's not exactly your typical sports facilities architect," so "the marriage of Snow and the quirky minor league club makes a certain amount of sense. How many ballparks reserve a spot for a ball-delivering pig or have an adjacent dog park?"

•   Killen takes a long look back at the "long-gone" Portland Public Market Building - "one of the city's most ambitious - and star-crossed - efforts in the realm of public markets."

•   A great Q&A with Candela re: the inspiration behind his iconic Miami Marine Stadium, and new revitalization opportunities: "I can be now more of a perfectionist."

•   Kats parses MoMA PS1 Young Architect Jaque and the "new idealists," representing "an emerging cadre of younger, politically and socially conscientious architects" offering "a 'third way' to be an architect" beyond "designing either banal structures at a corporate firm or expressive, name-brand buildings in a starchitect's office."

•   A great profile of Paris-based Lacaton & Vassal (which started out in Nigeria): "They practice social architecture based on economy, modesty, and the found beauty of environments."

•   A round-up of projects in Africa: "Although the Western media tends to focus on the humanitarian side of architecture in Africa, the continent is home to amazing design of all varieties."

•   A round-up of "organic architecture - 11 best buildings whose shape or function mimics nature."

•   Call for entries: OWC/Ohrid Watersports Club in Ohrid, Macedonia.


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