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Today’s News - Wednesday, March 18, 2015

•   Lewyn takes issue with Saffron's "What Champions of Urban Density Get Wrong": "As far as I can tell, there are three myths underlying the article."

•   Beasley on putting some love back into urban planning: "the great irony of modern culture is the more that we have chosen city life, the less that city life has satisfied us."

•   Hume is as ecstatic as we've ever seen him re: the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal competition shortlist: what they all "share is a clear understanding that this project goes beyond boarding a boat or a chance to make a statement; it's an occasion to change how a city sees itself."

•   Eyefuls of the "brilliant" shortlisted ferry terminal proposals: "One thing's for sure: the ferry dock will be reborn as an architectural showstopper."

•   Chicago's lakefront may never be the same now that the Chicago Architecture Biennial has teamed three area schools with notable firms to devise kiosks - and don't forget the international Lakefront Kiosk Competition deadline is March 23!

•   The Christchurch Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre, "the only capital project to stay alive" after the 2010/11 earthquakes, has risen from the rubble as "a fairy-tale palace within a troubled land: this city needs more knights in shining armor."

•   Semuels looks at the progress in retrofitting dying malls for other purposes: "But if those preferences change again in 40 years, there could be a whole new set of retail buildings - and skyscrapers - to retrofit."

•   King cheers the San Francisco Giants' "urban-chic" Yard at Mission Rock, a corporate "pop-up village" of shipping container pods for retail, dining, and events (sure beats a parking lot!).

•   Artful news everywhere: Russell hails "a dramatic new direction" for the Met by choosing Chipperfield to redesign its Modern Art wing: the museum "has found an architect of personal reticence and sober intellect whose work can be bold and simultaneously deferential."

•   Apparently Asymptote has been tapped to design a satellite branch of the Hermitage in a former car factory in Moscow (no pix yet - we can't wait to see!).

•   Lange lingers in Phifer's new wing at the Corning Museum of Glass that combined "high-tech and hands-on making" to invite in the light.

•   Miranda marvels at Radic's makeover of the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art in Santiago: "it does not disappoint. The architect has taken a somewhat dour neoclassical building and turned it into a remarkable space."

•   Meanwhile, Houston decides to "hit the pause button" on the already-started Nau Center for Texas Cultural Heritage (so much for being ready for the 2017 Super Bowl).

•   Four British industry experts share their views on what museums should look like come 2020: "Their future depends on remaining a dynamic part of the public realm."

•   Heathcote continues his poetic series of urban musings with an ode to street lights: "Romantic scene-setter or tool of social control?"

•   Saffron minces no words about what she thinks of a proposed bill that would expand Philly's digital billboard district; she doesn't buy the description that they'll be a "marriage of art and architecture" (or possible political shenanigans that makes it a bad deal for the city).

•   Shubow minces no words in a (rather lengthy) rant about why the AIA's "outreach campaign is doomed to failure" - beginning with its #ilookup ad: "It suggests that architects build for no one but themselves."

•   On a brighter note: a good reason to be in NYC on March 25: IIDA NY's (always fabulous!) Annual Sustainable Quilt Auction will benefit Be Original Americas.

•   Call for entries: Architect magazine's (always intriguing) 2015 R+D Awards.


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