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Today’s News - Tuesday, February 24, 2015

•   ArcSpace brings us Meyer's take on a new maritime museum in small Norwegian town that "manages to fit into its surroundings."

•   Shuttleworth has his own "carbuncle" moment, attacking "arrogant" and "egotistical" architects: "You [engineers] need to tell the architects, when they try to call the shots, to sod off" (seems a bit like the pot calling the kettle black, perhaps?).

•   Baillieu has a few issues with AIA's TV ad campaign: "When one of the oldest professions needs to explain itself, you know it's in trouble."

•   Davies isn't sure UTS's expectations for using a "bricks-and-glass marketing" strategy (i.e. its new Gehry) will pan out, but his "biggest disappointment is the lack of a convincing explanation for why the building looks the way it does" (now we can add "wackytecture" "Gaudi light" to our architectural lexicon).

•   Darley minces no words about what she thinks of "façadism" (a.k.a. façadectomy): "Preserving the outside of a building while gutting within is making a travesty of the listing process" (and "a get out of jail card" for key players).

•   Hurley delves deep into the cautionary tale (with stellar players) of the San Diego Civic Innovation Lab - a "botched opportunity" that "boils down to a question: Is local government really the best place for public interest design?" (a sad, but great read).

•   Sydney releases its "ambitious" Energy Efficiency Master Plan that it "will now send the to all Australian capital cities to help them develop their own plans."

•   Wainwright weighs in on a handful of "the most eye-catching" of proposals for the Nine Elms pedestrian bridge ("The spaffy tangle" and "The flaming mouth of Hades" among them), and ponders whether "Nine Elms might end up with a fancy pier to nowhere instead."

•   SO - IL and FREAKS win the competition to modernize France's Site Verrier that "addresses three elements of the site's glass factory days."

•   Chin visits Paris to see how one organization is tackling tactical urbanism in underused spaces under an elevated Métro.

•   Australia and New Zealand sign with Canada on the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Architect agreement that "will allow for fast-track cross-border registrations of senior architects between the three economies."

•   Hay hails the growing interest in "architecture's favorite new material" - mud: "sometimes it's worth reexamining what we've abandoned in the rush towards a hyper-modern future."

•   Hess calls out Paul Revere Williams' iconic Las Vegas designs, "some crumbled and some still standing."

•   A Brooklyn-based architect launches a petition protesting the Bamiyan Cultural Centre competition results, and demands a "restart."

•   The Centre Pompidou plans temporary pop-up's all over France.

•   One we couldn't resist: New York museums ban selfie sticks to prevent "accidental damage": "The real threat, however, is to museum-goers who will no longer be able to show the world how cool and artsy they are for hitting up the MoMA on a Friday night."

•   Call for entries (deadline reminder!): Be sure to take the Architectural Record / Van Alen Institute Design Competition Survey!


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