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Today’s News - Wednesday, February 18, 2015

EDITOR'S NOTE: We don't toot our own horn too often, but we're feeling rather celebratory - ANN launched 13 years ago today (bless the alarm clock gods)! Thanks to all our readers for so many years of making the effort meaningful and rewarding on so many levels...

•   ArcSpace brings us a pile of books worthy of our attention.

•   Garlock takes a long and fascinating look at the history and evolution of the public interest design movement that has broken down the "boundaries of what most people expect an architect to do."

•   Garz offers a very thoughtful take on the legacy of Architecture for Humanity: its "demise has catalyzed an important conversation about the organizational infrastructure surrounding architects, designers, and planners working expressly for public good."

•   Lee looks into AfH's closure: it "had trouble with the challenge that so many small businesses face - how to scale up in a sustainable way," but its "greatest legacy may be how it facilitated the participation of so many in socially conscious design."

•   On a more litigious note, Chicago's Friends of the Parks threaten a suit to block Obama Presidential Library from possibly being built on public land + Heatherwick's Garden Bridge faces yet another legal challenge: "although attractive at first glance, on reflection the project is seriously deficient in a number of important respects."

•   Lewis makes the case for why zoning is too often "a crude, ineffective urban design and architectural tool."

•   Why what we see might not be what we get when the costs are added up for the Canberra Convention Centre's futuristic, "UFO-like" design by Fuksas/Guida Moseley.

•   Siza saves his first building, restoring a 1963 restaurant in Portugal: it's "the happy ending to what could have been an architectural tragedy," though it now being "a luxury, reservations-only restaurant is a sore point for Siza."

•   Hatherley takes us through the history of shopping mall design in Moscow "from the fin-de-siècle opulence of GUM to the Ballardian horror of Aviapark, and the city's fluctuating relationship with capitalism" (a great read!).

•   Jacobs dives into the "speculative urbanism" swirling around efforts to reinvent the Los Angeles River that "has inspired planners, designers, and politicians to think big."

•   Olcayto cheers Woodman taking the helm of the Architecture Foundation + Waite's Q&A with Woodman re: the future: "We must reward the faith architects have invested in the AF."

•   Clemence has a most engaging Q&A with Odile Decq, "the eloquent rebel," re: her intentions behind her new school of architecture, and the state of women in practice today.

•   Beanland offers a Mackintosh itinerary: RIBA's exhibition in London "delves deeper into the Mackintosh mind," but "there are plenty of other places to get the measure of the man."

•   A good reason to head to Cape Town: Design Indaba 2015: Make. Change.

•   Winners of the Design Within Reach Champagne Chair Contest (we'll take two of each, full-size, please!).

•   One we couldn't resist (it's our party): Jon Stewart's Most Memorable Architectural Moments on "The Daily Show": Kamin vs. Trump "Seinfeud"; "Unnecessary Muffness" (Zaha is the "Georgia O'Keeffe of buildings"); and 1WTC vs. Willis Tower (though more about pizza, it's very funny - unless you're from Chicago).


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