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Today’s News - Monday, January 26, 2015

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you don't see ANN in your inbox tomorrow, it's because we're buried in a blizzard (fingers crossed that won't be the case!).

•  ArcSpace brings us a Q&A with Melbourne-based architectural photographer Shannon McGrath, a January news round-up, and what's new on bookshelves this month.

•   The case is now closed on Hadid vs. NYRB and Filler: she will "donate settlement money to labor rights organization" (unnamed).

•   Betsky to take the reins of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture: part of his duties will be "to help tackle the school's financial challenges" (we wish him all good things!).

•   Heathcote cheers "an unusual scheme" that shows "a real possibility to reinvent the ruins" of Gillespie Kidd & Coia's 1966 St Peter's seminary as an arts venue, "while preserving its air of desolation."

•   Moore x 2: he also cheers the plan "to resurrect this battered masterpiece" that is St Peter's seminary that will keep it "in various degrees of ruined-ness."

•   He is less pleased with the prospect of losing "two beautiful urban oddities": a Googie diner in L.A., and an east London peculiarity: "Keeping them does not stand in the way of the new; it only makes the new more interesting."

•   Historic preservationists in Louisville, Kentucky "are fighting an uphill battle" after a 40-year-old historic preservation ordinance was overturned: "The message it sends is that preservation is fine and good until a well-heeled developer comes along" (but there are signs of hope).

•   Uber-historic Charleston, South Carolina, struggles with how to make new buildings fit in with the old: both sides agree that many new buildings "have been duds that tried, and failed, to have it both ways," so the city (and its "aesthete-in-chief" mayor) hire Duany to review its architectural review process.

•   Hinz says it's high time for Chicagoans to "stop yowling about using parkland for the Obama library": "in an admittedly flawed and messy process, the city still is doing the right thing" (and the neighborhood really wants it).

•   Pamplona has high hopes that its Moneo-designed modern art museum will produce the Bilbao Effect: "If the architecture is not as eye-catching as Gehry's Guggenheim, the collection is more impressive."

•   A most interesting Q&A with Sorkin re: The Next Helsinki Competition: "We mean to be provocateurs" (and what thinks of the six Guggenheim Helsinki competition finalists - ouch!).

•   Altabe on "the advent of free-wheeling architecture": "there are consequences. Take your pick, folks. Either fry in amplified sunlight or chill in engineered shade. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see this story ending well."

•   Conti argues that while plum commissions are projects where "architects can preen with their talents for everyone to see," it "takes really classy architects to devote as much design talent and energy" to a rural community center and elderly and affordable housing "as to more spectacular ones."

•   Smit "unpicks the rebirth of an old idea": garden cities: "Politicians have been keen to use the term, but enlightened views are rare in private sector development and local authorities are relatively powerless."

•   Lubell has a great Q&A with Neutra Medal-winner Rotondi re: the award and his approach to practice, teaching, and Buddhist philosophy: "I want to leave town like the Lone Ranger. Nobody knows who I am but the town is better off."

•   Freeman pays eloquent tribute to Porro: "With his passing the world loses a singular artistic genius - a man of outsized personality and no small ego," who "was delighted" to be modeled as the protagonist in an upcoming opera.

•   Call for entries: Cool School: Design for an Extreme Climate (Mongolia!) + Applications for the $10,000 2015 RAMSA Travel Fellowship (open to U.S. & Canadian students).


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