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Today’s News - Tuesday, December 16, 2014

•   ArcSpace brings us Holden Platt x 2: the "surreal saga" of Zurich-based Christian Kerez and his (mis)adventure with Warsaw's Museum of Modern Art commission + Eyefuls of Beijing's Commune by the Great Wall (author's own pix).

•   Bingler and Pedersen pen one of the most thoughtful takes on "one of the great design challenges of our time - reconnecting architecture with its users": "For too long, our profession has flatly dismissed the general public's take on our work - we have failed to give the public good reason to trust us."

•   Speaking of reconnecting architecture with users, a number of architects and critics have questioned the make-up of the U.K.'s new housing design panel: "A 'progressive' housing design panel led by three white men with a broadly similar conservative approach is likely to produce one thing - retrogressive housing design. At least Prince Charles will approve."

•   Scruton (one of those "three white men") cheers the design panel: "Instead of attempting to clothe our cities in the dignified costumes of former eras," architects and planners have, for too long, taken their cue from Gropius and the Bauhaus, "reluctant to be guided by popular opinion, assuming the right to sweep aside our expectations."

•   Dittmar warns that BIG's "urban canyon" power station entrance "repeats the mistakes of 1960s planning. We have kept Battersea Power Station, but at what cost?"

•   To throw a (refreshingly) different POV on housing, 10 years after the Indonesian tsunami, Vale, Shamsuddin, and Goh return from Banda Aceh with a fascinating report on rehousing initiatives and what they can "teach us about the ongoing struggle for urban resilience" (the most successful seem to be those that forgo government mandates and well-meaning NGOs helicoptered in).

•   Geller returns from Hawaii with lessons for Vancouver re: affordable housing solutions - micro-units and limited parking included.

•   Nigeria's "star architect" Adenowo on why she mentors and why she "has dedicated her career to reimagining her homeland's landscape" (note the pronoun, please!).

•   King cheers Bloszies treatment of "a squat two-story box" that in some spots might be too much - but in this case, it's "a welcome shot of well-engineered flash - a billboard that advertises architectural imagination" and "thoughtful urbanism" (what a concept!).

•   Ennead's Anderson Collection at Stanford University "quietly serves up a visual banquet" by "hiding in plain sight and allowing the art to command the attention."

•   Eyefuls of OMA's winning design for the Lujiazui Exhibition Centre to be built on the ramp of a former ship cradle in the old Shanghai Shipyard.

•   Brooklyn-based Stereotank's "HeartBeat," winner of the 2015 Times Square Heart Competition, will start thumping in time for Valentine's Day.

•   Eisenman garners the AIA 2015 Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education.

•   SOM's Baker talks Burj Khalifa and "what it's like to work in a building that sits above the clouds," as part of Guinness World Records 60th Anniversary video series.

•   A whopping 420 projects on the shortlist for the 2015 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies Van der Rohe Award - and a nifty infographic that explains them all + Link to each and every one - with pix!

•   World Habitat Awards 2014-15 finalists "illustrate an impressive breadth of good practice in housing led by inspiring people worldwide."

•   Call for entries: 2015-16 World Habitat Awards + 4 different ULI Award programs + Looming deadline reminder: Folly 2015 for NYC's Socrates Sculpture Park.


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