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Today’s News - Tuesday, November 18, 2014

EDITOR'S NOTE: We didn't intend yesterday to be our floating no-news day - but the technology gods did. Tomorrow is our intended no-news day; we'll be back Thursday, November 20.

•   ArcSpace revisits Zumthor's 1996 Vals Thermal Baths, and rounds up some of the best architectural exhibitions around the world this November.

•   Lange cheers social media expanding "the audience for discussions about preservation," but bemoans "Modernism has yet to have its Penn Station moment...I hope that social media will be there to document that painful moment."

•   Giovannini almost runs out of superlatives for Gehry's Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris: "no contemporary museum anywhere is more enchanting" - its "buoyant visual poetry speaks to the eye and body without words. You feel the building."

•   Heathcote x 2: he's a little iffy about Piano's revamp of the Harvard Art Museums: "he has made something better. But is it better enough? The quality of the contents will make up for any architectural shortcomings. Whether Harvard - and Cambridge - might have expected more for their money is a different matter."

•   He parses auction houses "commissioning buildings that allow them to compete with museums and galleries," but they should turn to "younger, more provocative architects and eschew the corporate blandness that still seems to plague them."

•   Rauchwerger parses Piano's talk at Harvard, and his new museum: the "interior is indeed elegant," but the large, wood-clad box exterior "seems heavy in its context - almost clumsy and unimaginative."

•   Beanland considers the proliferation of museums: "Perhaps the reason the number of museums is expanding so rapidly, is that we're creating more and more stuff which needs to be remembered."

•   Eyefuls of Heatherwick's $130 million "treasure island" to rise on a cluster of mushroom-shaped columns on NYC's Hudson River shore.

•   Campbell meanders Boston's Innovation District and finds it "has all the charm of an office park in a suburb of Dallas"; with a few exceptions, the district "is a serious failure of urban design."

•   Florida has a few issues with a new report claiming NYC to be a new model for startup cities: "should aspiring tech hubs really emulate the Big Apple? Its boosters would do well to remember that it's still very much the new kid on the block compared to Silicon Valley."

•   Hume cheers Ryerson University's new City Building Institute that "will focus on a multi-disciplinary approach to urban issues."

•   King cheers a new San Francisco office tower that is "a fresh example of how the corporate and public realms can coexist - a glass tower that doesn't feel garish, a corporate shaft that doesn't feel like it was made in Manhattan."

•   Cheers for "laid-back" Melbourne's "drunken geometries" and "colorful pixelated 'cloaks,' and mashing up post-modernism and deconstructivism to create 'a fabulous and distinctively new genus.'"

•   Bernstein cheers the current "season of Michael Graves": Assessing his legacy is no small task. Graves has more types of projects than most architects have projects."

•   Graves's Wounded Warrior Homes are models for "silver" architecture for an aging population.

•   Sokol outlines new Social Equity credits as part of LEED v4.

•   Green cheers SCAPE winning the 2014 Buckminster Fuller Challenge with Living Breakwaters for Staten Island, "considered one of the most promising systems-based designs for coastal resilience."

•   Call for entries: Nominations for the 2015 National Design Awards + 2014 Chicago Prize: Barack Obama Presidential Library Design Ideas Competition + Bangkok: IAM Fashion Hub open ideas competition.


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