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Today’s News - Wednesday, November 12, 2014

•   Modernism and Postmodernism in the crosshairs: Makovsky and Gotkin curate a "watchlist of overlooked gems" in Manhattan: "Docopomo, anyone?"

•   Bevan considers "what makes one tower worth saving and another wrecking" as two Seifert towers in London face very different fates: "Abrasive and egotistical, Seifert would likely not have been amused."

•   Sydney considers its own "40-year 'young' buildings" by Sydney School architects whose motto could have been "the best architecture is no architecture."

•   A firmament of stars comes out in support of a campaign to prevent "the 'barbaric' part-demolition" of Richter's 1994 "masterpiece" school in Vienna.

•   Flint dares to celebrate Corbu, who "inspired hundreds of drab downtowns. But he had many good ideas that are relevant to citybuilding today - my plea is to refrain from throwing out the baby with the modernist bathwater."

•   Heathcote looks at what today's "architecture of austerity" looks like: "Through the 20th century, the architecture of austerity addressed social need. The monuments of our age instead address luxury housing and commerce."

•   More on China's "weird" architecture: "As click-bait slideshows trend globally, those living in these structures' shadows" have opinions "scattered along the adore-to-abhor gamut, although often for different reasons than for outsiders" ("Taste matters less than publicity").

•   Down Under, Davidge minces no words about what she thinks of plans to give developer(s) Melbourne's Federation Square East - for free: it's "stretching the definitions of the terms 'public' and 'civic' - short-changing the city's future" and selling the public down the river.

•   Meanwhile, Sydneysiders hope plans for the Bays Precinct will include the public and not devolve into another Barangaroo.

•   Dittmar gets behind "pink zones to lighten planning red tape" that would allow "small entrepreneurial and incremental building and development" to "move from being a heroic exception to being a natural step for a contractor or young architect to take."

•   'Tis the season of memorials: Moore and Glancey are entranced by Prost's International Memorial of Notre Dame de Lorette in France: "Without cliché or ponderous symbolism, it thoughtfully opens a different perspective on WWI" + it is "as beautiful as it is moving."

•   Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance is "evolving again to be more like that of a museum - a custodian and archive of history."

•   Warsaw's Museum of the History of Polish Jews wins inaugural Finlandia Prize for Architecture.

•   Wainwright waxes poetic about electricity pylons: "There is plenty to appreciate about these lattice-work leviathans - a noble army of six-armed soldiers."

•   One we couldn't resist: Lam looks at "all the places The New York Times has compared to Brooklyn," from Berlin to Beijing: "it seems just about anywhere is a bit like New York's hippest borough."

•   Call for entries: Student Team Applications in the 2015 ULI Hines Competition (hefty prizes!) + Docomomo US 2015 Modernism in America Awards.


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