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Today’s News - Wednesday, November 5, 2014

•   A round-up of local reactions to MAD's proposed Lucas Museum in Chicago run the gamut, from "a palace for Jabba the Hutt" to "ambitious and provocative" (and everything in between).

•   Moore reviews the results of 20 years of the U.K.'s National Lottery building spree that was "often wasteful and absurd," but "also had triumphs" and "large numbers of institutions and structures ranging from the crass to the brilliant."

•   Ransford bemoans Vancouver's risk-aversion that "is stifling the risk-taking needed for innovation, creativity and diversity. It is preventing talented design professionals from doing what they do best - solving problems with smart design."

•   Florida warns that the "next housing crisis may be sooner than you think - sometimes it seems we never learn" (comments are interesting, too).

•   Schindler sees hope in "what American cities might learn from other parts of the world, and more, from the rich history of non-profit cooperative housing right here at home."

•   Hess delves into the surprising - and inspiring - history of Irvine, CA: its midcentury master plan "was not so much a radical alternative to suburban design as a boldly rationalized refinement. Before me was not a theoretical treatise, but a real neighborhood with real architecture rooted in good principles."

•   Lasner takes a long look at new housing for singles in mid-century America that pre-date the current trend in "NextGen" homes for extended families and micro-units (images for all the housing features are amazing!).

•   A geriatrician calls for "silver architecture" that will accommodate an aging population: health care could be the "sector to start developing design prototypes that could be applied to homes and even neighborhoods, so people can stay active and grow older without having to move to retirement homes."

•   Malpas cheers the University of Tasmania's new Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies on Hobart's waterfront that "belies a complex weft of history, site, and program," and "draws the public in and the university out."

•   Six building "that defy the rules of architecture."

•   FT asks its global correspondents to pick which buildings they would demolish in their parts of the world "if they were given a wrecking ball" (some real doozies! Heathcote opts for London's Walkie-Talkie - "a grinning idiot photobombing the city").

•   Kats's Q&A with curator Zoe Ryan re: the Istanbul Design Biennial, which examines the Gezi Park protests and" their global ramifications more than a year later."

•   Grima explored changing ideas of domesticity at the Biennale Interieur 2014 in Belgium.

•   Opening tomorrow in Los Angeles: 2014 New Urbanism Film Festival, "focusing on urban design and architecture at the pedestrian level."

•   Call for entries: Folly 2015 for NYC's Socrates Sculpture Park + International Wildlife Center/IWC Africa (in Kruger National Park) + International Architecture Awards 2015 + Fairy Tales 2015 competition for unique architectural fairy tales.


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