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Today’s News - Friday, October 31, 2014

EDITOR'S NOTE: Monday is next week's "floating" no-newsletter day. We'll be back Tuesday, November 4. Americans: don't forget to vote on Tuesday! And don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour tomorrow (except lucky Arizonans). We end today's news with some great Halloween fun!

•   ANN Feature: New York Falls in Love with Gaudí's Complexity: a great (and exclusive) translation of a review in El País re: "Sagrada Família - Gaudí's Unfinished Masterpiece" now on view at CCNY's Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture.

•   Weder is so not wow'd by Predock's human rights museum in Winnipeg, though "perhaps no architect could salvage such a doomed design brief," and "all that glass reads as a Darth Vaderesque cape wrapped around a Gumby-headed sasquatch" (ouch! and the renderings were so beautiful...).

•   Meanwhile, it looks like the National Medal of Honor Museum in South Carolina is a go, and Safdie "will be actually getting to work on what this museum will look like."

•   Live! 2014 Guardian/UN-Habitat's World Cities Day Challenge: a sort of Pecha Kucha for 36 cities vying for the crown for best urban transformation strategies (winner to be announced momentarily).

•   Betsky makes no bones about why he's not so impressed with L.A.'s change of heart about flat-roof-only skyscrapers.

•   Melbourne's skyscraper boom could be heading for a bust as concerns rise about too many going up: "The supply has been sufficient over recent years, and that could turn very quickly into an oversupply."

•   China's "obsession with vertical cities prompts a megacity building bonanza", but the "never-ending game of architectural one-upmanship" could be impractical, never mind unsustainable.

•   Part 2 in series on the state of gender equity in Australian architecture re: results of two surveys, this time men included.

•   Weekend diversions (and some Halloween fun!):

•   A heretofore rarely screened 1961 TV documentary "Our Vanishing Legacy, the "first primetime broadcast advocating preservation efforts in New York City (with rare footage of Penn Station, which was facing demolition at the time - amazing!).

•   Down Under, "Burst Open" in Brisbane is a "rewarding exhibition" of technology and techniques "shaping contemporary architecture and design in the digital age."

•   Sydneysiders who missed the Venice Biennale can catch "Augmented Australia 1914 - 2014" as part of the 2014 Sydney Architecture Festival.

•   They can also get eyefuls of the "grand designs, famed collaborators, and stunning personal collection of the visionary who defined Sydney's skyline" in "Harry Seidler: Painting Toward Architecture."

•   Webb and Brown are beside themselves with joy by the re-issuing of "Nairn's London": "There never was and probably never will be another architectural critic as impassioned, omnivorous, and outspoken."

•   Van der Ryn's "Culture, Architecture, and Nature" calls for "an ecological revolution - nothing less than the redesign of human life."

•   Lange takes a long (and fascinating) look at the past and future of cemeteries: "Cities of the dead aren't disconnected from cities of the living but are rather extensions of them" (could interaction designers be the lavish mausoleum architects of tomorrow?).

•   Heathcote has a high old time looking at "the role of domestic settings in scary movies" (great pix!).

•   Ferro ferrets out "how Victorian architecture became the default haunted house."

•   How could we resist - it's Halloween! "The Ultimate Guide to Dressing Like an Architect for Halloween" (what you'll need to look like Hadid, Corbu, Libeskind, Loos, etc.) + "Halloween Costumes for Urban Planners."


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