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Today’s News - Wednesday, October 8, 2014

•   Dittmar doesn't dither about what British home builders are getting wrong: demographics show people aren't "demanding a return to the 70s and 80s Noddy boxes with 'traditional' details."

•   Hume x 2: Toronto's new Canary District and the West Don Lands are "a demonstration project, a tour de force, a brilliant reminder of what can be done when land is publicly owned and intelligently planned."

•   He gives two rousing thumbs-up's to Snøhetta's Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts in Kingston, Ontario, that speaks "an architectural language not often heard in these parts - a masterful mix of desire and demand, want and need, formal and informal."

•   Kennicott is very impressed by the new American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial on the National Mall: it may be smaller than most, but its impact is larger than its size: its "open embrace of the busy spot on which it sits deflects attention from a world of concrete, cars, business suits and the dull grind of bureaucracy" that surrounds it.

•   Vienne was skeptical of Paris's Place de la République getting a makeover - but she ends up being totally won over: "Have the architects betrayed the rebellious spirit of the place?" Pas du tout!

•   Paletta cheers the High Line's third leg: "It's a grand coda and a satisfying finish to one of the most ambitious park designs in recent memory."

•   Kabak minces no words about so many things gone wrong with Calatrava's $4 billion "behemoth at Ground Zero": it's "shaping up to be an example of design divorced from purpose. It wasn't supposed to be like this."

•   Meanwhile, hopes are high for SOM's "massive" MiamiCentral train station that "represents an ambitious and unusual all-at-once marriage of heavy infrastructure with urban revitalization that would turn a drab stretch of downtown into a bustling fulcrum of transportation and human activity."

•   Ditto re: high hopes for EMBT/Bordas+Peiro's winning design for a Paris metro station in Paris that "will provide a new public square for the renewed neighborhood of Clichy-sous-bois that will serve as a symbol of change following the violent riots of 2005."

•   Wilkinson Eyre has towering plans for a TOD in Toronto.

•   Eyefuls of six Australian train stations that give Emporis's list of 11 spectacular railway stations from around the world a run for its money.

•   On a slightly smaller scale, eyefuls of Gehry and Foster's apartment designs for their Battersea Power Station blocks.

•   Hawthorne catches up with Piano in Paris and gets a rather amusing/curious defense of the maestro's design for L.A.'s film museum: "I don't think it will be that bad. Actually, I'm struggling to do something good."

•   An interesting conversation with the woman (an Australian) now heading the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation: Perren "aims to create a second Bauhaus movement and shake up 21st-century design."

•   After four years in the U.S., a woman architect heads home to Hong Kong "to escape a sexist work culture" - she says HK "has better gender attitudes."

•   Mars offers a marvelous profile of Hundertwasser, who considered straight lines "godless" (fab photos, too!).

•   The Victorian Society names the Top 10 Most Endangered Victorian and Edwardian Buildings in England and Wales.

•   Call for entries: applications for AIA Center for Communities by Design 2015 Sustainable Design Assessment Teams + International Making Cities Livable Design Awards Competition.


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