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Today’s News - Friday, October 3, 2014

EDITOR'S NOTE: Monday is next week's "floating" no-newsletter day. We'll be back Tuesday, October 7.

•   Brook takes an in-depth look at what the future may hold for Yangon, Myanmar: "Emerging from a half century of dictatorship, can it be a model of sustainable, democratic development?" (a totally fascinating read - and cheers to Places Journal's great new look!)

•   Arbes and Bethea head to Songdo, South Korea, to explore "the thrills and disappointments of Asia's half-finished 'high-tech utopia' evoking a movie set...a massive blank slate, still able to become whatever the dreamers can convince the realists and the financiers to make it" - and you can hear birds (also a totally fascinating read!).

•   Wainwright has a wild time at MVRDV's market hall in Rotterdam: "you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd slipped down a rabbit hole - a hallucinogenic though it's wearing bell-bottom trousers," but "it feels like it's trying a bit too hard to be fun."

•   Kamin is (mostly) wow'd by the "visually arresting zebra of a building" that is Northeastern Illinois University's El Centro: "I'm glad NIU's leaders didn't hew to the view that such attention-getting architecture is no longer worth building" (though "the lack of refinement is disappointing").

•   Gehry's Eisenhower Memorial "clears key hurdle" that represents "a significant milestone" for the project that's been stalled since 2011.

•   Zaera Polo, whose appointment in 2012 "caused controversy among graduate students," resigns as dean of Princeton's School of Architecture.

•   The San Francisco Institute of Architecture releases a survey report of online architectural education: "enrollments are rapidly increasing. Here are the primary reasons."

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Cooper Hewitt announces the lineup of 2014 National Design Week events in NYC and across the U.S.

•   Sokol has a lively Q&A with Dameron re: next week's "must-see show": Dwell on Design, New York (we can't wait!).

•   In Melbourne, Godsell's temporary MPavilion, "inspired by London's Serpentine project," kicks off with a four-moth public program featuring 118 free art, architecture and design events.

•   Tokyo plays host to the Innovative City Forum 2014, an international conference to explore "How will we be living in 20 years?"

•   "SarasotaMOD Week[end]" will celebrate the Florida region's iconic mid-20th-century architecture (expect lots of Rudolph).

•   Calys explores "@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz" that offers "thought-provoking and compelling commentaries on political dissent and restrictions on freedoms" (link to lotsa pix).

•   In Brisbane, "Hot Modernism: Building Modern Queensland 1945-75" is "both a celebration and eulogy" that "raises much-needed awareness of Queensland's rapidly disappearing postwar buildings."

•   Moore and McEwen each offer very thoughtful takes on "Constructing Worlds: Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age" at London's Barbican ("The battered, beautiful and barely credible" + "Lies, damned lies and photography").

•   Kennicott climbs to the top of the Washington Monument to see a six-acre portrait of an attractive young man staring back at him: "Out of Many, One" looks like "an eccentric landscaping project."


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