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Today’s News - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

•   Ike's family still not happy with Gehry's Eisenhower Memorial revision; Gehry Partners would rather walk away from the whole thing if it doesn't include the remaining tapestry and column elements.

•   Wainwright delves deep into how developers "are ruining our cities" as "toothless authorities bow to the dazzling wealth" of foreign investors and their "steroidal schemes" that are making places "ever meaner and more divided" (a brilliant take-down!).

•   Kynaston can only hope we've learned our "lesson of the Sixties" with massive slum clearance, shoddy building, and crappy design: "greed played its part - though, ambition, arrogance and contempt for the past mattered more...second time around, there is no excuse" (ditto re: take-down).

•   Saffron says Philly may be "a city 'on the make'" that "has proudly drawn thousands of new residents of childbearing age," but what good is it if the schools are no good: "Give up on the schools, and the whole house of cards could collapse."

•   Betsky channels Banham and L.A.'s "new normal: if visions of "greenways" come to pass, "the Plains of Id, Autopia, and Surfurbia might merge, and we would have a whole new urban ecology."

•   Architects are up in arms about towering plans around the Queensland Performing Arts Centre and Queensland Museum: "They are undesirable from a conservation point of view, they are undesirable from an urban point of view."

•   King cheers Mission Bay as a "model of housing diversity in San Francisco" that typical "judgmental San Franciscans dismiss with disdain" for being "boxy and bland": "I see something else: it bucks the trend of single-answer solutions being pushed by various factions in a city that has made being fractured a high art."

•   Capps reports on a proposal "to connect the growing residential and commercial corridors between Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens" with the East River Skyway: "urban gondolas" would connect residential and commercial corridors between Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens," but the riders it would serve are the "gentrifiers," creating "greater obstacles to overcome than cost."

•   Wainwright gives (mostly) thumbs-up to the Aga Khan Museum "in deepest suburban Toronto": it is "at once timeless and futuristic, somewhat unearthly. Among the beer stores and office parks, something sacred has landed."

•   Hume cheers the new Fort York visitor center as "the best thing ever to happen to this long-neglected bastion" in Toronto: "Despite having been value-engineered within an inch of its architectural life, it is exquisitely detailed and spatially coherent."

•   Burke beats out SHoP and TWBTA for Cummins' new office building in downtown Indianapolis.

•   Charlie Rose to receive the National Building Museum's 2014 Vincent Scully Prize (best part: links to his interviews with numerous notable stars in the architectural firmament).

•   Sheila Kennedy takes home the 2014 Berkeley-Rupp Prize (and $100,000).

•   Eyefuls of the UIA Architecture for All international award winners.

•   One of our perennial faves: Arch Record's 5th Annual Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest - 2014 winners.

•   Call for entries: The Architect's Newspaper 2nd Annual Best Of Design Awards + Museum of Science Fiction: Preview Museum Exhibit Design Competition + Call for papers: 52nd International Making Cities Livable Conference on Achieving Green Healthy Cities.


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