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Today’s News - Thursday, September 11, 2014

•   9/11: An animated children's poem about a lone pear tree at the WTC that miraculously survived the collapse of the Twin Towers.

•   EarthCam's two-and-a-half-minute time-lapse movie of the 9/11 Memorial Museum construction, from groundbreaking to completion.

•   Finch on "just how political architecture, planning and design can be" - case in point: Urbed's Wolfson Prize-winning proposal, the first "where I felt happy to accept the idea of giving up chunks of green belt in order to create bigger (but significantly improved) city environments."

•   Brussat weighs in on the Zaha/Filler brouhaha: her comments "reflect the inhumanity of modern architects that arises from the inhumanity of modern architecture, especially that of major commissions by starchitects."

•   Wainwright weighs in on the Helsinki vs. Guggenheim "backlash against the global megabrand," and the Next Helsinki counter-competition "launched in rebellion."

•   A look at Japanese architects who are "scoring success" on a global stage "by reinterpreting the past" with a "sensibility that speaks to human-oriented yet innovative everyday life."

•   A look at Helpern Architects' "spectacular" restoration of Yale's landmark Sterling Memorial Library.

•   It's a small, small world - and only getting smaller: Rhode Island's Providence Arcade, America's first shopping mall, "is now stuffed with micro homes."

•   Sokol reports that a new multifamily building for Sweden's Uppsala University has "validated micro-dwellings as a local solution for the affordable housing crunch."

•   Northeastern University alumni come up with pre-fab micro-units and a new "approach to apartment construction and urban design that appeals to Millennials' wallets."

•   A tour of Britain's smallest home, a former storage shed in London "smaller than the minimum size for a council car parking space" is for sale, confirming "a trend of Lilliputian homes coming onto the market.

•   Revisit Zinkin's "awkward interview" with Corbu in 1965, where she "realizes the great architect has designs on something other than large buildings" (a great read!).

•   Eyefuls of the 2014 AL Light & Architecture Design Awards winners (all enlightening!).

•   One we couldn't resist: eyefuls of Sochi 2014 Olympic venues six months later: "actually they are just as you would imagine: abandoned and desolate" - a ghost town in the making.

•   Call for entries - and lots of 'em: Those Saved - To Their Rescuers: a memorial to the Poles who rescued Jews in German-occupied Poland, to be built in Warsaw + EOI: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Culture and Education Quarter two-stage international competition + RTF Sustainability Awards 2014 for Excellence in Architecture, Landscape & Urban Design + 2014/2015 Global Schindler Award: "Designing the City as a Resource" student competition.


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