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Today’s News - Thursday, August 7, 2014

EDITOR'S NOTE: Just a reminder that we're on our summer schedule now, and not posting on Fridays and Mondays. We'll be back Tuesday, August 12.

•   Killick takes an in-depth (and fascinating) look at Christchurch's "path-breaking" public-private collaboration that is "a global model for how to put the guts of a city back together again quickly and efficiently" after a disaster (it's the rebuilding above ground that "is proving challenging").

•   Wainwright and Schlichtman delve into the growing dilemmas - and controversies - of "poor doors": "we need to think outside the apartment block to solve this modern-day apartheid" + "Inclusivity is going to make or break the city of the 21st century."

•   King continues his considerations of Lucas's design pick for his Chicago museum: "San Francisco's contribution may be that we helped nudge him out of his aesthetic comfort zone" (too bad he "didn't take architecture as seriously in his own backyard").

•   Does Helsinki need a Guggenheim Museum? "The team behind the scheme" says yes, but an artist/curator argues that "the museum is part of an effort to homogenize and commodify Finland's national heritage."

•   Shaw looks into Azerbaijan's "star-studded building boom."

•   Denver's Museum District continues to grow with three new projects: "an unintended consequence may be the slow emergence of a regional modernism, giving form to Denver's independent spirit."

•   Tanyeli takes us through Emre Arolat Architects' new mosque in Turkey that "implies a poetic religiosity that tactfully steers mosque architecture away from the proscriptive realms of politics and nationhood and redefines it anew in the context of ethics and aesthetics" (great pix, too!).

•   Biber Architects' "barn-inspired" U.S. pavilion for the Milan Expo 2015 will literally grow into its "American Food 2.0" food-centric theme.

•   McGuigan has a serious (and humorous) conversation with Gehry re: "how he designs for art and whether an architect can also be called an artist" (and much more).

•   Moore spends some quality time with Adjaye, and ponders how well his buildings live up to his vision: "there's a tendency for the story behind the design to outrun the realization - many of his works are sketches of the great projects they could be. I truly hope he achieves a half of what he talks about."

•   Haldane accesses the new Lego Architecture Studio: "its vision of architecture's potential seems unusually blinkered. Lego's designers seem to have become unwitting disciples of the Modernist doctrine."

•   Wainwright puts Lego to the test with a bunch of former architecture students: "Somehow, everything we produced had a decidedly 1970s feel...Or maybe that was just us. In the end, we cut our losses."

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Austrian critic Czaja reviews MAK's "Hollein" in Vienna: it "offers new ways of contemplating the influential and multifaceted universe of this Po-Mo hero."

•   Self wanders "Global Citizen" at Crystal Bridges with Safdie himself: "While he believes that architecture is a social art rather than a personal expression, the exhibition is a personal story."

•   After 40 years, "Thoughts On Design," Paul Rand's "seminal" tome, will soon be available again: "Here's hoping that this edition makes just as big of an impact on the designers of tomorrow as it has on the design greats of today."

•   Eyefuls of Jacquet-Lagreze's "vertigo-inducing" cityscapes of Hong Kong from "Vertical Horizon 2nd Edition."

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