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Today’s News - Monday, June 23, 2014

•   ArcSpace brings us Meyer's take on the Venice Biennale: "The overall effect is impressive, but it is also bordering on the banal - or even depressing - as it seems to illustrate the diminishing influence of the architect."

•   Bevan cheers - and jeers - RSH+P's Cheesegrater: "Such daring, graceful simplicity - a thing of beauty in the wrong place."

•   Bloomberg explains "what states should learn from cities and how the mayor of even a small rural town could save the world" ("People care about services, not ideologies").

•   Planners take over two blocks in Atlanta to show what a senior-friendly neighborhood looks like - but it only lasted two days.

•   Snell calls for more focus on ecology studies when it comes to urban planning: "As research advances in how cities might evolve, is planning and developing keeping apace?"

•   Bergren Miller sits down with a small-firm architect to discuss strategies small firms can use to gain entry into large-scale design.

•   Flint parses the Olmsted vs. Moses debate sparked at the recent CNU conference in Buffalo: with Olmsted, "it's a lovefest"; meanwhile, "Moses can't catch much of a would be a shame if Moses's excesses have permanently given large-scale planning a bad name" (great read!).

•   Hume gives Regent Park's new park in Toronto two thumbs-ups: "It's not fancy, but people will want to spend time here - already the neighborhood feels connected to the city in ways that would have been unimaginable."

•   Yale's Urban Design Workshop teams up with Jerusalem's Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design to work on the first peace park in the Middle East.

•   Dittmar sees Detroit as "a crucible for testing new ideas about revitalization" and a model the U.K. could learn from.

•   Make It Right heads to a Montana Indian reservation with plans to build 20 LEED Platinum, solar-powered homes - unlike its "New Orleans template, no star architects were called in for the new venture."

•   Russell cheers Braverman's "deceptively simple and sensitive dormitory for health-care staff" in a remote Burundi village with the goal to create "architecture of conscience."

•   It looks like plans for St. Petersburg's New Holland Island are heading in a different direction - via West 8, not the competition-winning WORKac.

•   A more in-depth look at the 5 projects shortlisted for Sydney's Green Square Aquatic Centre and Gunyama Park redevelopment (a moonlight cinema included).

•   Berlin could be making religious history with a competition-winning design for the House of One, the first church-mosque-synagogue.

•   Pelli parses his new, "sexy" Dallas tower, though "he's a bit surprised it's taken so long for his designs to be sketched on the city's skyline."

•   Moore has a most interesting conversation with Radic re: the Chilean architect's 2014 Serpentine pavilion, stones, and poetry: "his world has space for incompleteness and melancholy. He likes ruins" (and looks like a Jedi knight).

•   RIBA drops the motion to sanction Israel's IAUA, opting to set up a "global ethics group."

•   AEC Cares projectChicago is gearing up for its one-day "build blitz" on Wednesday to renovate "a tired, worn, 30-year-old former public school building" now housing subsidized daycare "into a bright, cheerful, fun place for the children to learn and play" (we look forward to celebrating with them at the AIA convention!).

•   We're sorry to have miss bidding on surfboards, boogie boards, and skateboards designed by some very notable names at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum > Los Angeles annual gala fundraiser next Saturday.

•   Call for entries: Healthcare Environment Awards 2014 to recognize innovative, life-enhancing interior design.


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