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Today’s News - Monday, June 9, 2014

•   I.M. Pei pockets the UIA Gold Medal 2014 for his "life and work that spans the history of modern architecture over five continents for more than 60 years."

•   Rogers responds to criticism of his Lloyd's of London building, and what goes into creating "inspiring architecture" - it "emerges from the impulse to bring together beauty, innovation and function. This is not "starchitecture," whatever that may be, but careful stewardship of our cities."

•   A fascinating look at Beirut's coastal promenade that "is perhaps the only truly mixed zone in a stratified city that's become in so many other ways a libertarian paradise for the rich and a daily affront to the poor."

•   King says waterfront development in San Francisco better start preparing for rising tides: "there's little room for error."

•   Everyone is home from the hills - 'er, the canals - of Venice with thoughtful takes on Rem, pavilions, and concrete cows: Moore, Glancey, Bernstein, Bozikovic, Richardson, Woodman, and Zara - all great reads!

•   Van Alen Institute uses Venice to convene an impressive array of international design leaders who "will meet twice annually to identify and investigate issues facing cities."

•   Chilean architects are making their mark on the global stage that "is helping to fuel a boom in urban development at home. For the first time in a generation, the architectural focus is now turning towards Chile's urban spaces."

•   Denver, on the other hand, "has for decades seldom been self-assured enough to trust its own architects with the major and high-visibility commissions," but things are changing (slowly).

•   Piano "is blowing gorgeous glass bubbles again" - this time for the Pathé Foundation in Paris.

•   Kamin x 2: Trump's "ginormous sign" on his Chicago tower is one more example that it's "a sign-plastered world out there - skyline branding has run amok."

•   He reports that it's looking like the hydraulic-lift approach is likely to be the solution for Mies's flood-prone Farnsworth House as "two other proposals are falling by the wayside."

•   The AIA 2014 Small Project Awards prove that small can be stunning (great presentation).

•   Call for entries: Carbuncle Cup 2014: "The unfortunate reality is much British architecture is mediocre and uninspiring, disdainful of context or simply trying too hard to be different."


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