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Today’s News - Thursday, May 15, 2014

EDITOR'S NOTE: Apologies for not posting yesterday and posting so late today - the gods of the Internet tubes were not on our side.

•   The 9/11 Memorial Museum was dedicated this morning; we've sifted through miles of reports and reviews and picked the most eloquent and thoughtful:

•   Cotter: "Its nearest equivalent I can think of is the dynamic of religious pilgrimage sites...framed in moral terms, as a story of angels and devils."

•   Davidson: "a huge and spectacularly mournful institution...the architects have taken care to lead visitors gently into the depths...I am discomfited and unhappy - and that is the museum's strength."

•   Wainwright: "an emotional underworld beneath Ground Zero...the hallowed site remains as much a place of spectacle as ever."

•   Kuang offers an in-depth look at what went into designing the exhibits that create "an overwhelming sense of absence and unprecedented hybrid of archaeological site, cathedral, and tourist attraction...the designers found a solution that felt inevitable."

•   Hamill: "9/11 museum was built with respect, heartfelt emotion and dignified beauty."

•   Editorial: "The WTC Museum is right on every level"; the design is "breathtaking," but "one wrong remains to be corrected: Congress has refused to appropriate $60 million a year. Every one of the 535 Washington representatives needs to visit - so they can understand how disgraceful [it] has a $24 admission fee for the public. The United States is much better than that."

•   Hawthorne sees the the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures' "cast change may be a blessing in disguise. The academy should stop worrying about public-relations fallout and admit that the design process for the museum needs more time."

•   Bayley cheers Shigeru Ban "finally receiving the attention he deserves. This year's Pritzker Prize resets architecture's compass" (mincing now words about starchitects "doing slick promotional selfies as premium brands" - ouch!).

•   Wing cheers the Made in Earth NGO project in India that "balances considerations of need and culture with material and economic concerns" (great pix!).

•   Jones looks at "what Rural Studio continues to teach us about good design," 20 years later.

•   Hume gives two thumbs-up (and then some) to Shim-Sutcliffe's convent in Toronto that "is an exquisite addition to the city" and "a model of integrity and integration."

•   Pedersen parses Rockwell's take on "the ideal design of a stadium. How do you make these huge facilities more urban friendly? (t'would that some could become a reality!)

•   Farrelly sees the bike wars as culture wars: "the bike is the form of the future. That makes it dangerous," but "a city without pedestrians is not a city. It's a business park. And bikes are pedestrians on wheels."

•   20 design and construction associations form Alliance for a Resilient Tomorrow, "a new partnership dedicating to promoting resilience across the board."

•   Qatar promises labor reforms for construction workers, but rights groups say it "sounded more like 'a change of name rather than substantive reform.'"

•   Call for entries: Global Architecture Graduate Awards 2014 for undergraduates and postgraduates.

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