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Today’s News - Tuesday, April 29, 2014

•   Sacs pens an in-depth look at how cities we build from scratch could actually bite us back: "As they mature, some of the world's most heralded eco cities may suffer from a few sustainability alligators in their sewers."

•   Renne ruminates on the arrival of a new era of transit-oriented development and "networked livable communities."

•   Does history prove that the current spate of record-breaking skyscrapers is a sign of economic doom?

•   A fascinating look at how and why some developers are "cherry-picking some of the UK's better practices to transform our urban wastelands and unloved spaces" (they get the value of good design - what a concept!).

•   NYT's (terrific!) Cities for Tomorrow Conference is now online - and well indexed, so you can watch who/what you're most interested in (fab line-up of speakers).

•   A lively conversation between Lopate and Goldberger re: the new residential towers going up in Midtown Manhattan.

•   Wainwright offers his wickedly witty take on the 10 worst London skyscrapers: one has "three Eyes of Sauron," another looks like "it had a fight with a gigantic porcupine, and the porcupine won."

•   Hill thinks "defending the skyline against barbarians is important, but the damage they are doing is far greater than just spoiling a view."

•   King cheers the scuttling of plans for the Warriors' waterfront arena as "the best thing that has happened to San Francisco's waterfront in years - not because of what is gone, but what now could be."

•   The Police Married Quarters in Hong Kong is now a hub for local design talent: "The 1950s housing project was once the antithesis of creativity" - now, it is "a major test case" on how the city "conserves and revitalizes historic buildings."

•   Shipping containers are making their mark in Auckland on two prominent city sites.

•   Some disturbing statistics in the RIBA Business Benchmarking Survey (nearly two-thirds of practices don't have a business plan?!!?).

•   Bozikovic profiles KPMB and how it "became Canada's big-city visionaries of architecture (who sweat the small stuff, too)."

•   Hadid is a hit in Hong Kong and helping to shape the future of the mainland China, a "'land of opportunity,' she says of the building boom and shifting social ambitions."

•   Byrnes brings us eyefuls of bomb shelters in Sderot, Israel, transformed by a city initiative, with artists turning them into "something less foreboding" and "a little more inspirational. Though they still serve an all-too-serious purpose."

•   Till takes on the Designs of the Year 2014: how can one "make judgments based on puff and nonsense" (though "there are many interesting ideas hiding under the puff").

•   Winners all in the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2014.

•   The SAH 2014 Publication Awards make an interesting, informative, and inspiring reading list.

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