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Today’s News - Friday, April 25, 2014

•   Pedersen and Waite pay tribute to Pritzker winner and Postmodern pioneer Hans Hollein, who "was a kind of hydra-headed creative force."

•   Wainwright cheers the Peabody Trust's vision for the future of affordable housing: "it's all about ping-pong tables, bulletproof fittings and young architects having fun with bricks - design quality is top of the agenda."

•   Zara's Q&A with Culture Lab Detroit's Shulak re: how and why "creative talents are taking advantage of the Motor City's current surplus of low-cost spaces and sparking a city-wide grassroots movement that's high on productive potential."

•   Kamin x 2: he offers a most poetic ode to why Chicago's Wrigley Field is still "so adored" on its 100th anniversary: "When it comes to creating timeless treasures that people love, architects are at their best when they focus on human experience and feelings rather than the creation of attention-getting 'icons'" (and please don't call it a stadium - it's a ballpark).

•   He cheers the start of public tours through one of FLW's "most beguiling and troubled buildings," the S.C. Johnson Research Tower in Racine: it's easy to see it "as a functional flop," but it "was also an inspiring incubator - worthy of debate and a trip."

•   Could there be a "Pop-up" Pompidou coming to Mexico City?

•   Eyefuls of the 2014 Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designers winners (great presentation).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   O'Sullivan is quite taken by "Bye Bye Barcelona," a new film that "offers a cautionary tale" about how tourism could be zapping "the very urban vitality that attracts visitors there in the first place."

•   A female(!) urban planner takes center stage in "If/Then," a new Broadway musical garnering grand reviews (we gotta see this one!).

•   In London, some of the best designs by architectural stars from the past two centuries are on view - before going on the auction block (great slide show - too bad our lottery ticket didn't pan out this week).

•   Q&A with curator Albrecht re: "Designing Home: Jews and Midcentury Modernism" on view in San Francisco, starring "space-age bachelor pads, minimalist utopias for wannabe Cleaver clans, sleek love nests for wildly glam mad men" (great pix!).

•   "Bowlarama: California Bowling Architecture" at L.A.'s A+D Museum offers "elaborate pin palaces tricked out with amenities that rivaled a Vegas hotel," creating what Anderson calls "the Bowlbao effect" (with pix to prove it!).

•   Medina muses that the "Lebbeus Woods: Architect" retrospective "brings the architect's singular world back to New York City. It's all too biblical an irony."

•   Kats is fairly smitten by Richard Meier's new Model Museum in Jersey City, where he's "created the content rather than the container" - and "the models are mesmerizing."

•   Lefaivre cheers Mehrotra's "Architecture in India since 1990" that "attacks the effect the country's liberalized economy has had on its built environment - in its measured way, it addresses some of the most burning issues of our time."

•   Jodidio's "Small Architecture Now!" explores projects that are "not only intimate but innovative" (and "sexy").

•   Rosen gives thumbs-up to Saval's "Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace" that "explores these odd spaces - how they came to be, how they make us feel."

•   Bernstein has a lively Q&A with Polshek re: his new book "Build, Memory," what he learned studying with Louis Kahn ("modesty"), and what he sees when he looks at his buildings: "Architects always see flaws."

•   Q+A with Pennoyer re: "New York Transformed: The Architecture of Cross & Cross," which "casts an overdue spotlight on the creative duo."

•   Coming sooner or later: "Untitled Opera about Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs."

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