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Today’s News - Thursday, April 17, 2014

EDITOR'S NOTE: We're making Good Friday a really good Friday by taking the day off. We'll be back Monday, April 21. Happy Easter!

•   Alter offers a "Goldilocks" formula for housing density that is "not too high or low, but just right" for sustainable communities and a balanced quality of life (it does not include "elite towers that reach ever skywards").

•   Sorkin peeks behind "poor doors" and the importance of inclusionary zoning laws that "are among the few tools left to ensure the creation of affordable housing."

•   Shaw calls for a "rethink" re: homeless housing: "stellar design seems to be a misguided architectural quest" - instead of "producing a sexy building of 100 units...architects should really be asking: How many people can we get off the street for $19.3 million?"

•   Gardiner sees behavioral science and design as "the building blocks of innovation": "Behavioral design has the potential to bridge the gap between research and practice to revolutionize how we tackle social issues."

•   Rosenbaum reports on Archinect's "belated posting" of a lively conversation she had with architects re: the MoMA/AFAM controversy "pegged to this week's commencement of demolition work."

•   Rice University's Art Barn echoes the MoMA/AFAM saga, but with two conflicting endings, it seems: one has it being relocated to Houston's Fourth Ward; the other shows it has "disappeared in a pile of rubble" - except for the metal-paneled exterior, which was dismantled with hopes of finding a new owner/home ("The philistines have won again").

•   Qatar cancels the competition for its flagship World Cup stadium in Doha because it "didn't hit the right note" - needless to say, the bidders were "not very happy."

•   Pederson parses CNU's pick of Lynn Richards to succeed John Norquist that "signals a shift" in its "vision for its future" that "isn't about direction of the organization, but the implementation of its goals, and the results on the ground."

•   Bernstein explains why there's "no rest for the Gehry" who "has his hands full" ("First, the good news...").

•   Libeskind and AIANY's Bell join the RIBA/Israel fray: "Does it diminish or enhance the debate when you kick someone out of the room?"

•   Weekend diversions:

•   In the new Broadway musical "If/Then," city planner Elizabeth "returns to New York from Arizona where she's just gotten out of a failed marriage and urban sprawl. The metaphor of planning a city and planning a life are clear."

•   "The Landscape Architecture Legacy of Dan Kiley" at the National Building Museum showcases "Kiley landscapes that abide, as well as ones that have been neglected or may be threatened."

•   Raj Rewal, "one of India's leading architects, says the country's building design is in dire need of a paradigm shift" - as he contemplates 50 years of his work on view at New Delhi's National Gallery of Modern Art (the museum's first architecture exhibition).

•   Excerpts from "Szenasy, Design Advocate" are enough to show why we so adore Metropolis Magazine's editor-in-chief.

•   Walker walks us through just a handful of highlights to be found in Lewis's "Women of Steel and Stone: 22 Inspirational Architects, Engineers, and Landscape Designers."

•   Berg has a lively Q&A with Pressman re: his new book "Designing Relationships: The Art of Collaboration in Architecture" that is "a tip-sheet for how to collaborate more effectively. Hint: BIM is not the magic bullet."

•   An excerpt from Lally's "The Air from Other Planets: A Brief History of Architecture to Come" introduces "an architecture that exchanges walls and shells for a range of material energies," and "energy becomes its own enterprise for design innovation; it becomes the architecture itself."

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