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Today’s News - Thursday, March 6, 2014

•   It seems BBC is having its own Denise Scott Brown moment when Patty Hopkins is Photoshopped out of pix of "The Brits Who Built the Modern World" - leaving only the good ol' boys (and "consistent with how women's contributions have been airbrushed out of history").

•   Arch Record offers a masterful round-up of "super-sized design" with gigantic projects that "confront the gargantuan challenges - and solve them in ingenious ways."

•   Speaking of gargantuan, does Queensland's Cairns really want/need a $4.2 billion mega-resort and casino: though some "refer to it as 'intrusive,' 'unnecessary' and 'excessive,'" the developer is hoping to wow everyone "with superiority through magnitude."

•   Vertical cities "could be a solution to the challenge of high-density urbanization."

•   Urban sprawl, on the other hand, is called a Ponzi scheme that "brings about countless costs, both to cities and to the people who live there."

•   Though not a lot of details (like who's designing what), it's still good news for Detroit: a handful of big developments about to get underway.

•   Meanwhile, Flint, Michigan's mayor declares a $70 million "war on blight," with plans to tear down nearly 6,000 buildings - and "get volunteers to take care of 20,000 vacant lots."

•   Heathcote is more than a bit disheartened by the "lack of vision for Crossrail station designs," seeing it as "a rare opportunity being wasted" with designs by good architects that are nonetheless "banal" and "inoffensive but dull."

•   Ulam reports on plans "to improve the notorious brick desert" that is the Brutalist Boston City Hall Plaza (alas, there isn't the budget to do the whole thing, but it's a good start).

•   A Swedish artist wins the competition to design three memorials to the victims of the July 22, 2011 Norwegian massacres ("Memory Wound" is stunning!).

•   Avanti Architects beats out some heavy hitters to win the job of revamping Stirling's Florey building in Oxford (commenters are none too pleased, calling the plan "vandalism" and a "bastardization").

•   BDP/Levitt Bernstein team wins the Royal Docks competition.

•   Four are in the running to transform 17 acres in the heart of Birmingham city center.

•   A conversation with McDonough re: Cradle to Cradle: "When he thinks, he thinks big."

•   Mock cheers "12 Years a Slave" for showing "not only how slavery exploited and devastated African Americans, but also how it did the same to the American environment."

•   Autodesk launches a foundation to "support the most impactful nonprofit organizations using the power of design to help solve epic challenges."

•   Eyefuls of the MIPIM 2014 Architectural Review Future Project Award winners (with any luck some will - and hopefully some won't - be built).

•   NBM names Laura Bush and the National Trust for Historic Preservation as 2014 Honor Award recipients.

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