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Today’s News - Monday, March 3, 2014

EDITOR'S NOTE: Apologies for not posting last Thursday and Friday, but we've been battling (and losing to) a nasty flu-bug. Now, slowly on the mend, we have a lot of catching up to do!

•   ArcSpace brings us Beijing's new media center, and Meyer's take on Berlin's new Museum for Architectural Drawing.

•   Pedersen ponders Hadid's response to whether architects should be responsible for workers' safety (and rights): even with her "tone-deaf comments - might Zaha be right?"

•   Woodman, Wainwright, and Moore weigh in on Holl's Glasgow School of Art Reid Building: it's a "disappointment" (though "happily, the interior proves more assured") + "lives up to its critics' worst fears, from the outside at least" + "with all the good intentions that went into the new one, could have been something marvelous" (all well worth reading - they do find some good points - but green-tinted glass in the photo studio?!!?).

•   Philly's Historic Commission finds the design for new Market Street tower "inappropriately bland" and asks for a re-design; "We thought that this is what they would want. Looks like we guessed wrong," sayeth the developer.

•   Saffron x 2: Philly's "sadly bland" new Family Court building is lacking "public art to soften the clinical ambience" (blame it on politics and/or corruption).

•   On a brighter note, she finds the Paseo Verde apartment development is "a lot more than just a utopian experiment in mixed-income living. It's environmentally friendly, transit-friendly, and urban-friendly. All that, and still manages to slip some real architecture into the mix."

•   Heathcote mourns "the loss of London's utopian modernist vision...The 1960s may not have been a complete success, but there was a vision for a mixed city defined by urbanism. What is the vision now?"

•   Brussat, on the other hand, sees "light at the end of this dark tunnel" created by modernists: "So ugliness might lose its place in the world to beauty with the same surprising speed" that classicism fell from grace.

•   Nosowitz ponders why anyone would want to rebuild London's Crystal Palace, and "why it makes sense that some billionaires are trying to resurrect it."

•   Bozikovic parses the six proposals for Canada's first National Holocaust Monument: "The jury has several powerful options from which to choose" (though in his mind, one "is both too flashy and too didactic"; others are more "compelling").

•   Eyefuls of Heatherwick's design for a gallery inside grain silos in Cape Town: "We could either fight a building made of concrete tubes or enjoy its tube-iness" ("tube-iness" - our newest favorite word!).

•   Eyefuls of four starchitect-studded proposals for a new arts venue in Arnhem, Netherlands.

•   Proposals by five impressive teams vying to re-do London's Natural History Museum go on view (anonymously) for public comment.

•   Australian Institute of Architects Melbourne now has an oh-so green (and very cool!) HQ.

•   Speck visits his own "personal version of hell" - a sprawling 'burb in Utah that is "about the least happy place I can imagine."

•   SHoP makes Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies 2014: it "has managed to please both architecture critics and real estate developers - perhaps its most impressive trick of all."

•   King reports that Gang may have towering plans for San Francisco - it is "provocative news" for "a skyline where much of what is going up seems interchangeable" (no images yet, and it may not happen, but one can hope!).

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