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Today’s News - Tuesday, February 11, 2014

•   ArcSpace brings us a Hadid tome that "portrays another side" of the starchitect; "Will it Sustain?" at the Danish Architecture Centre is "three wonderful international exhibitions, all under one roof!"; and Kiser brings us eyefuls of Ricciotti's MuCEM in Marseille.

•   Dimendberg says "MoMA is right": "That no one has come to the defense of the DS+R expansion speaks volumes about the envy and pettiness that dominate" American architectural practice, journalism, and criticism."

•   Webb, on the other hand, calls MoMA the "neighborhood bully" with its "uncompromising plan to demolish the American Folk Art Museum" (seems to have been written awhile ago, but posted recently).

•   Shubow, not surprisingly, is just about jubilant that Congress's 2014 budget has delivered the "decisive blow" to Gehry's Eisenhower Memorial: "And virtually none of Gehry's friends have come to his defense. They have left him flapping in the breeze" (all that's missing is a grinning emoticon).

•   Calatrava's Chicago Spire "could rise again" (when/if funding is secured - haven't we heard this before?).

•   Meanwhile, "Dallas's favorite overpaid architect" (a.k.a. Calatrava) is ordered to hand over €3 million to a Spanish developer for "shortcomings in the implementation of the work" at the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos Ciudad de Oviedo.

•   Brasuell tackles the "power of the planning language" that is "in constant need of re-evaluation. Take the meaning of the word 'planning.'"

•   Australia's Association of Consulting Architects takes issue with findings in a recent report on the value of architecture degrees (see ANN, Jan. 23): "The reportage, and the 'research' on which it is based is alarmist, but not alarming."

•   Pfau offers an architect's perspective on school curriculums "incorporating new concepts of 'design thinking'" that "may help schools shed the 'rat race' of teaching to the tests."

•   Cheers to girl power! Mecanoo's "confident but humble" Houben "crowned" AJ Woman Architect of the Year + Ph.D. candidate King is "truly inspiring" as AJ Emerging Woman Architect of the Year.

•   Jeers to sexism in architecture: Fairley asks, "Awards aside - what is there, really, to celebrate?"

•   Chambers "can't pinpoint seeing female students discouraged or bullied" when he was in school, "but if I'm honest, some glaring examples start to jump out at me."

•   Davidson gives thumbs-up and -down to two new Manhattan academic buildings: the New School's University Center "brings the school's brand of sensitive boldness" to the neighborhood, while Cooper Union "got a brooding, elegant, sharply folded office building that looks utterly foreign" to its nabe.

•   Eyefuls of the three concepts in the running to revamp Mies's Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Washington, DC.

•   Lamster sees some déjà vu in Sochi's Fisht Stadium that "bears some resemblance" to Dallas's Cowboys Stadium, though one "hits the ground" in a "sensitive way," and the other "is a lot more ham-fisted" ("heterogeneous" and "redundant bore" added for good measure).

•   IIT College of Architecture launches the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize and the MCHAP for Emerging Architecture - two biennial prizes that come with healthy purses.

•   The fascinating tale of Torrance, CA, that is "largely a story of failure" of a planned utopia of small, modern workers' homes that "proved to be too ahead of their time."

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