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Today’s News - Friday, February 7, 2014

•   ANN Feature: Nuts + Bolts #8: Best Friends Don't Make the Best Partners: For the successful partnership, it's all a matter of balance.

•   Another NYC treasure under threat (this time, a jewel within a gem):

•   Freeman fumes about the "specious dangers" cited as reason to remove the treasured Picasso stage curtain from the Philip Johnson-designed Four Seasons in the Seagram Building - and he should know: he oversaw the restoration the restaurant not that long ago.

•   Filler adds to the fumes upon finding out that "moving the delicate, unframed, unstretched Picasso painting could be its death sentence" - it could "'crack like a potato chip'" (never mind the owner calls it a "schmatte," Yiddish for a shabby garment).

•   Destruction is not limited to Manhattan: in the U.K. plans are afoot to bulldoze Adjaye's 2008 Wakefield Market Hall to be replaced with a multiplex cinema and restaurant complex (what else?).

•   In Egypt, a landmark from Alexandria's 1920s heyday bites the dust, sadly just "one of at least 36 landmark sites to have been destroyed in the past five years. That figure is expected to rise sharply."

•   Miami public officials and a big-time developer face a "a major quandary": what to do about a recently-discovered prehistoric village (and remnants of Flagler's 1897 Royal Palm Hotel) on a site slated to be "movie theaters, restaurants and a 34-story hotel" (what else?).

•   On a brighter note, the Arch League's Emerging Voices 2014 winners are an impressive mix of "distinct design voices" (great presentation - cheers to all!).

•   Eyefuls of "Sochi's architectural bling" (this time with architects named - what a concept!).

•   King offers an amazing slide show of an unbuilt San Francisco: "Don't feel guilty if you feel a tinge of regret - or breathe a sigh of relief" (some mind-blowing stuff!).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Two good reasons to head to the Left Coast next week: SKYLINE 2014 is a 10-day fete of "unique, hidden spaces within downtown L.A." transformed by architects, designers and artists.

•   Modernism Week in Palm Springs puts the "creativity and ingenuity" of stellar mid-century masters in the spotlight.

•   Rosenbaum x 2: she lets Bergdoll explain MoMA's "Frank Lloyd Wright and the City: Density vs. Dispersal" + her own take: "the drawings are visually ravishing."

•   Heathcote x 2: "In the Making" at London's Design Museum is "a curious, wonderfully engaging show...of rare modesty...a pure celebration of making and the designers' pure pleasure in process shines through."

•   He spends some time with Souto de Moura at the Royal Academy's "Sensing Spaces": some "may be spaces conceived by architects but they are somehow inauthentic as architecture"; Eduardo's arches, on the other hand, "stand very much as objects in the gallery."

•   Levete finds some "strange geometries" in "Sensing Spaces": "The ambition is admirable; the difficulty is deciding whether it has succeeded or simply left the visitor bemused."

•   The new Miami Center for Architecture's inaugural exhibition "Drawn From Miami" is a "fitting provocation" for the new center.

•   The Wolfsonian FIU in Miami Beach offers "three exhibitions on Italian design between the world wars" that "reveal a culture producing great beauty in an era of turbulence" (fab photos!).

•   The traveling Murcutt show lands at the UQAM Centre de Design in Montreal.

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