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Today’s News - Friday, January 31, 2014

EDITOR'S NOTE: We will not be posting on Monday, but we'll be back Tuesday, February 4. Happy weekend!

•  Dittmar would like to see the U.K. have something similar to the AIA 25 Year Award: "a longevity award makes me hopeful that architecture has begun to move away from glorifying the shock of the new."

•   In Aguascalientes, Mexico, a 7.5-mile "scar" has become the city's "most prized park": "The park's planners call their strategy 'social acupuncture.'"

•   Can Michael Bloomberg's "New York manifesto change the world?" (probably, though the comments section is not so positive).

•   Eyefuls of GMP's design for the redevelopment of the Real Madrid stadium that beat out some biggies (we wonder what the nickname will be for this one).

•   The mega-monster-mall/entertainment complex American Dream (née Xanadu) that promised to be redeveloped in time for Sunday's Super Bowl remains "a particularly embarrassing neighbor" (and "the ugliest damn building" in New Jersey).

•   Registration deadline extended: Moved to Care international competition to design a healthcare facility in Southeast Asia.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   40 architectural documentaries to watch in 2014 that "will provoke, intrigue and beguile."

•   In Portland, OR, "The Monster-Builder" takes center stage to explore "power, seduction and the ills of big architecture" (an egomaniacal architect and a sex-pot included).

•   Q&A with M+ curator Aric Chen re: starting a collection, the mystery of an FLW drawing, and the current "Building M+: The Museum and Architecture Collection" on view in Hong Kong.

•   Welton explains why "Frank Lloyd Wright: Density vs. Dispersity" at MoMA "is a sad metaphor for the perennial contradictions between art, architecture and the people who love them both" - the popularity of such shows "is driving MoMA's expansion, even as it destroys modern buildings to accommodate them." + Eyefuls of FLW on view.

•   Bernstein bathes in the beauty of 110 years of Mexican architecture on view at the Palacio de Iturbide in Mexico City (great pix).

•   Moore finds the Royal Academy's "Sensing Spaces" to be "full of surprises" and "a heroic project - it has its weak and clumsy moments but does a job that badly needs doing."

•   Kats says "Sensing Spaces" aspires "to take an altogether different approach" by focusing "on the ingredient most often missing from architecture shows today: buildings."

•   As part of "Melbourne Now," ARM sets up shop and invites the public to participate in considering new ideas for contentious sites around the city.

•   A most eloquent and enlightened rumination "based upon a distant memory and a recent viewing" of "James Turrell: A Retrospective" at LACMA.

•   "Building the Modern Gothic: George Post at CCNY" considers his "rugged, combative Gothic style" that didn't try to "outclassical" McKim, Mead & White buildings nearby.

•   Brussat actually gives (mostly) thumbs-up to Rybczynski's "How Architecture Works": his "prose combines concision with geniality. It is a joy to read, but my joy struggled with the undertow of my dissatisfaction at his refusal to take sides."

•   Q&A with Postrel re: "The Power of Glamour" and how design can be glamorous: "Cities become glamorous because of what they represent, especially to people who don't live in them."

•   One we couldn't resist (old hippies that we are): Footage of the Beatles' last show on its 45th anniversary - on a London rooftop (those were the days...).

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