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Today’s News - Wednesday, January 8, 2014

•   We lose Lamb, the original "L" in RTKL.

•   Moore's take on 2013 is that it was both "a year of unintended consequences for architectural icons" (amusing), and that the "consumption of public space by financial speculation" really "matters to people" worldwide.

•   Litt looks back on architecture and planning in Cleveland where "community development, big downtown projects, and a rising debate over streetscapes and bike paths dominated 2013."

•   Heathcote offers a most thoughtful progress report on what is (slowly) "emerging from the mud of Ground Zero": "If New York manages to reclaim a piece of its city as true public space, rather than making do with the leftovers of corporate gigantism, that alone will be an achievement."

•   Gunther is impressed with the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, but thinks "few memorials will maintain their cathartic and 'hero'-worshipping intent, suggesting "architectural leaders" should come up with "a toolbox of formal and material templates" that would satisfy those "in search of a precise historic impulse, but also for those who merely encounter it and feel better as a result" (like that will happen any time soon).

•   Eyefuls of the "Top 10 Innovative Memorials You've Never Heard Of" (some real stunners!).

•   Two fascinating studies "illustrate how city residents perceive their surroundings" that "can potentially shed some light on why urban populations continue to grow."

•   O'Sullivan reports on Brussels' plan to turn a central axis into a pedestrian-only, "spacious, rambling open-air living room" that would finally make it "a likeable European city."

•   Birnbaum wishes the "rather frothy debate" about developing the Presidio's Crissy Field in San Francisco would get more national attention, and that deciding what to build "requires more thought and consideration."

•   Hawthorne, Glancey, Volner, Zacks, and Milgrom weigh in with great profiles of the seven 2014 Metropolis Game Changers who "specialize in big-picture thinking rooted in the idea of community."

•   Wainwright spends the night with Bauhaus ghosts: "the history of 20th-century design is compressed and blended into a primordial soup of originals and copies" (and you don't have to go to the basement for a shower).

•   The amusing (and not commonly known) tale of Kahn's encounter with The Commodores in Manchester, UK (he toured the city's architecture, too).

•   Bergren Miller brings us more details re: the attempt to build an unbuilt FLW house in the U.K., and why it "would have been the last of Wright's posthumous works to be built with the blessing of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation" (great pix!).

•   Call for entries: Moved to Care international competition for a mobile healthcare facility in Southeast Asia + 2014 IES Illumination Awards for lighting design.

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