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Today’s News - Wednesday, November 27, 2013

EDITOR'S NOTE: We are taking a Thanksgiving Day break for the next few days to meditate on all the great people and good things we are thankful for. We'll be back Monday, December 2.

•   Goodyear reports (and we're glad to hear) Detroit's Heidelberg Project "vows to rise from the ashes" of a string of arson fires: "there has been an outpouring of support from around the world, and the number of people coming to visit has tripled" (and a campaign launches to fund solar-powered streetlights).

•   Florida warns that the eds-and-meds trend "will not be, by themselves, the ticket to economic growth" for a lot of metro areas (in fact, some will lose).

•   Einsweiler lays out the challenges in rewriting a comprehensive zoning code for a city "as physically and demographically diverse as Los Angeles."

•   Lubell cheers Gehry's "grand re-entry" to L.A.'s Grand Avenue project: it "could be the long-delayed plan's saving grace"; the towers would be "more straightforward. That's the voice of experience, and the voice of economics."

•   Wainwright wanders a new Olympic legacy school and likes (most) of what he sees: its "heroic aura appears to be rubbing off on the students" - but "will it deliver the promised community benefits?"

•   Mecanoo tapped to design the Oldham Coliseum Theatre and Heritage Centre, "aimed at attracting 'a new kind of visitor' to Oldham."

•   Medina takes an interesting perspective on all the brouhaha brewing around Hadid's Qatar stadium design: it's "just the latest in on-going discussions about the role of visualization in architecture...the building form was particularly overwrought and as such, bound to turn heads and elicit commentary" (lots of links to that commentary; comments sections worth a look, too).

•   Perhaps we're feeling a bit overwrought about all the blowback re: Kanye West's Harvard GSD adventure, but we think it's worth three stories (at least): the AASU co-president calls much of the "mockery" racist.

•   Cooke calls for Kanye to "keep talking: I am tripping over myself with fear and excitement at the prospect of having such a powerful mouthpiece for a generation of black architects and designers."

•   Capps minces no words as well: architecture schools and design firms "should be doing their damnedest to book Yeezy. If he only ever talks about the forces keeping minorities from helping to design the cities in which they live, he'll still be doing the industry a service."

•   The Sustainable Sites Initiative certifies three new projects that includes SITE's first four-star landscape (great presentations).

•   Two we couldn't resist (tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, after all): Eyefuls of Macy's Thanksgiving Parade "extremely creepy" balloons from the 1930s - mostly "weird animals and dead-eyed people" (a must-see!!!) + Murg says "look no further for your Thanksgiving dinner soundtrack, design fans. The globe-trotting bundle of hot-pink charisma has added electro-pop music composer to his resume."

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Rajagopal cheers "Venetian Glass by Carlo Scarpa: The Venini Company, 1932-1947" at the Met Museum in Manhattan: "Every single piece of glass on display is breathtaking" (with miles of pix that prove it!).

•   Brussat balks at photographer Mottalini's celebration of "Brutalist ruin porn" documenting doomed homes by Paul Rudolph: "Now he has made a book and a gallery show out of it - they make great ruins - and the sooner the rubble is disposed of the better."

•   Chaban cheers two new monographs that document Gwathmey Siegel & Associates' impact on the NYC skyline.

•   Welton welcomes a new tome documenting Resolution: 4 Architecture's adventures in prefab houses.


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