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Today’s News - Monday, November 4, 2013

•   ArcSpace brings us Sejima's Shibaura House in Tokyo; Aalto's 1971 Finlandia Hall in Helsinki; and a profile of the "unorthodox artist-architects" at Diller Scofidio + Renfro.

•   An argumentative bunch today: Hopkins and Kent make the point that all the infighting raging over who earns the title "architect" is" a desperate grasp to retain relevance. And it utterly fails - the world is not listening" (in fact, the "negative tone" is turning off "any supporters who might ordinarily agree").

•   Should charity work be part of an architect's duty? Yes, says McAslan's Potter; No, says FAT's Jacob.

•   Chevin thinks it's time to get over "our fixation" with heritage buildings and allow some "a dignified death" - we're only "delaying the inevitable - like our attitude to junk in the attic, we can't bear to part with what may come in handy one day."

•   On a brighter note, Mansavage makes the case for moving education from STEM to STEAM, calling for his "fellow designers and scientists" to take "the fear out of experimentation" and "allow things to get messy, to overlap and blur."

•   A (good?) sign of the times as stalled starchitect-studded residential towers spring back to life in Manhattan (some neighbors don't agree).

•   Rogers is resigned to changes in towering plans for Sydney's Barangaroo: while it still "has the 'potential to be quite extraordinary...In my opinion, it was a great lack of courage at the last moment.'''

•   Hawthorne cheers the new Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills that "artfully blends old architecture with new" - though it "suggests the balkanization of L.A.'s high culture," with "every major pocket of wealth" wanting its own culture center (blame it on the city's "ever-thickening traffic").

•   King makes a compelling case for George Lucas to build his proposed San Francisco museum in Maybeck's 1915 Palace of Fine Arts instead of facing the Presidio's Crissy Park: the Palace is "cited by Lucas as an inspiration for his proposed structure" - and it is "in need of a tenant."

•   The architect behind China's People's Daily HQ defends his "phallic" tower - it will look very different when the scaffolding comes down; he doesn't "take the sniggering personally," but sees it as a sign "that our design is of a high standard."

•   Big plans for Houston's Bayou Greenways project "to create parallel connections at the human scale by matching the sprawl of the city to the sprawl of its waterways."

•   A Danish architect's Invisible Garden House "revamps the plant-growing structure for the pop-up age" (it would look great in our back yard!).

•   McKenzie has a most amusing conversation with Hadid (once she got past a "brusque answer" and "a case-closed expression"): "You get the feeling that no matter how hugely successful Hadid is, she will always paint herself as the feisty underdog."

•   Kuma talks about his experiences leading an unusual architectural study tour of Japan, Japanese carpentry, and Hadid's Olympic Stadium.

•   A fascinating saga of a New York artist who is playing "cat and mouse" with Vitra re: Barragán's archives.

•   A good reason to book tickets to Shenzhen early: the 5th Urbanism\Architecture Bi-City Biennale *Shenzhen (a.k.a. UABB*Shenzhen).

•   The 2013 AIBC Architectural Award winners put the spotlight on British Columbia's brightest.

•   One we couldn't resist: Hofman's giant rubber ducky is having a tough Asian tour - this time, an earthquake caused it to explode in Taiwan, followed by (some amusing) funeral services and tributes.


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