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Today’s News - Friday, October 25, 2013

•   Van Valkenburgh explains how Brooklyn Bridge Park was saved from Sandy's fury, and what other designers can do to prepare for the next big one.

•   E. Fay Jones's Thorncrown Chapel is saved from a power-line project - "at least for now."

•   Cloepfil flies to Charleston to defend his controversial Clemson Architecture Center - but never gets the chance (he had a swell time anyway).

•   A Charleston architect makes the case that the city "needs more contemporary buildings."

•   Chaban brings us eyefuls of two new Columbia University buildings that will "bring downtown cool to uptown."

•   Q&A with Graves: he minces no words about what he thinks of starchitects (and names 'em): "The whole industry has gone to pot" because people "want blob architecture. Why, I don't know."

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Goldberger is totally taken by MCNY's "spectacular" and "exhilarating" Norman Bel Geddes show: "more than anyone else, he gave modernism panache."

•   Zara and Catinella Orrell parse MAD's "Postdigital" show: it "sidesteps the tired innovation storylines" to present "greatest design hits. Less cerebral than spectacular" + "the creator's touch is present throughout."

•   Hawthorne cheers the Safdie retrospective at L.A.'s Skirball: "his career is particularly rich for this kind of curatorial exploration, given how markedly his recent work differs from early experiments."

•   Teicholz's take on Safdie show: it makes us "appreciate his artfulness" when his "architecture often takes a back seat to its surroundings and to its purpose."

•   Kats's Q&A with Safdie re: museum architecture, site specificity, and the cultural responsibilities of architecture and urbanism.

•   "Overdrive" parks at the NBM to tell the story of modern L.A. that "has no shortage of change-focused narratives."

•   "Concrete Paradise" at Coral Gables Museum explains why Candela's iconic Miami Marine Stadium has been spared and what the city might do with it now: "This is not a white elephant" (great pix!).

•   Rose connects the dots between pop art and architecture in "Pop Art Design" at the Barbican: "As much as missed opportunities, it's a history of narrow escapes."

•   Wainwright calls it "an exhibition celebrating a period of the greatest commercial cynicism in art...presented as one hedonistic party of mutual sampling."

•   Moore, meanwhile, calls it a "thought-provoking show" about the "love affair" between "pop and the Mad Men of Madison Avenue."

•   Danes take over the Sydney Opera House with an exhibition "featuring timeless design classics from the Utzon era" along with contemporary design from Denmark.

•   Also Down Under, the Sculpture by the Sea arrives on the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk (great pix!).

•   As the Centre Pompidou celebrates Raj Rewal, the architect explains why "India doesn't have to look shabby."


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